The Bachelor Recap: The Women Tell All — Sean

bachelor-recap-the women tell all

Welcome to the one before the one — The Women Tell All.  The first few minutes are spent showing Sean and Chris dropping in on some Bachelor viewing parties — including one at a sorority house (I think they were chanting U-C-L-A but I can’t be sure) and that little clip concluded with the sorority girls all cheering for Sean to take off his shirt.  Absolutely!  Of course he obliges.

After introducing the panel of ladies who have returned to rehash their failed attempt at love on national television (all while looking tan and polished and totally put together so as to show America and Sean that he’s made a huge mistake in letting them go), the first mashup of clips that they show is all of the girls saying awful things about one another and pointing out everyone’s flaws. Meanwhile, all I can focus on is that Sarah seems to be rubbing her nub.  Awkward. Even at home I’m trying not to stare.  Sorry.


“Tierra’s sparkle didn’t sparkle that big,” explains Lesley.

After a huge Tierra bashing session, Chris informs everyone that Tierra is in fact in the studio, there to defend her sparkle. The audience is cordial after Chris Harrison begs for a few moments of compassion.  Tierra looks like she’s already been crying backstage but it may just be that she’s got quite a bit of perfume in her eyes since she just spritzed a cloud of it backstage.  And it doesn’t look like she’s wearing much makeup…probably to let that sparkle shine through.

Chris: “Anything you’d like to take back? Anything you’d like to apologize for?”

Tierra: “Off the top of my head, no.”

It’s been a really boring back and forth as Tierra defends her friendliness, flashing her new engagement ring, and innocently pondering why it is no one liked her all that much as Chris Harrison continues to lead the witness with questions that essentially paraphrase what everyone’s just said.

“I think Tierra made her own bed — her own cot — what have you.” — Lesley, on Tierra and AshLee’s confrontation in St. Croix

And, after all that, Tierra spouts out an awful apology that probably tastes like vinegar coming out of her mouth.

Tierra is engaged and all the girls on the panel are ready to drown themselves in some large helpings of self pity and wine.

The Tierra segment ends with a “no comment” about when she got engaged, she gives a sly smile, and then says “January.”  Weird.


Chris pulls Sarah into the hot seat, informing her that while America loves her, Sean didn’t.  Yeah, got that. Thanks, Mr. Obvious. Sarah breaks down after reliving getting dumped and getting the same speech she always does: you’re a great girl, someone else is going to be lucky to have you…And she says — quite rightly — that a lot of other girls probably get that too.  And they do.  That’s how a lot of break-ups go.  Better luck next time.


Reliving Desiree’s tearful goodbye, our little viewing party decides that this show could probably use a tissue sponsor…none of the producers ever keep tissues on hand for these girls and the constant waterworks?  Rude.

Des says she was falling in love with Sean and she’s very composed and poised – not defensive, not too sad – just honest and reflective.

For as much as Des was America’s sweetheart, the conversation with Chris was really superficial…but I guess there’s not much to rehash.  So Des, you still talk to your brother?  Good story.


I’m a little nervous when I take a good look at AshLee on this Women Tell All episode because it looks like someone’s given her a makeover. Either she’s here to make Sean uber jealous or she’s the new Bachelorette.  And, I just can’t handle the thought of hearing about abandonment issues and healing and anything of her lengthy metaphors for a whole season.  Ugh. No no no.  Please, no.

AshLee says she is not in love with Sean anymore and she realized that Sean wasn’t what she thought he was.  She said with her Sean was a southern gentleman but when she watched the show and saw the way he acted with the other women, she thought he was more like a frat boy.  Having married a frat guy, I say there ain’t nothin’ wrong with that!


AshLee is first up to put Sean on the spot. Her only question: “what happened?”  Sean’s only real reason is that he couldn’t find laughter with her.  I guess that’s as good of a reason as any.  I wouldn’t want a love without laughter. I get that.

Sean compares his saying goodbye to AshLee to Emily saying goodbye to him. And he understands why she felt strung along because he had to talk with her about the future.  AshLee lectures Sean about what it is to be a southern gentleman and she expresses extreme disappointment that he never checked on her.  In her words, she wanted a phone call saying “how are you, babe?”  Seriously, lady?  You’re crazy.  The dude broke up with you.  There’s no more pet names.  And all he can say is that he thought it would be harder to reach out to her (more like my woman now would kill me if I keep in contact with any of you other gals) after sending her away.

And then the crazy claws come out: AshLee asks Sean why he would say to her that he didn’t have any feelings for the other two girls. Twice!  And all flabbergasted Sean can do is sit there and deny it. And all AshLee can do is say that she’s not making it up.  Because that’s what emotionally unstable people do.  She believes her own version of the truth. And that’s that.  Sean puts it on record (to save his potential future marriage to one of the remaining two women) that he does not agree and no such words were ever said.  When the show returns from commercial, we get to overhear AshLee and Sean’s private conversation and AshLee stands firm in her belief that Sean did tell her that he didn’t have feelings for the other girls and that when she said “I love you” he replied that when it was all over he would “tell her every day.”  So much for your happy ending.

Sean says that Des is a person that makes him smile when he thinks about her (which is often?!) because she’s so full of joy.  But, he said that he felt like she was hiding some things behind her smile, to which Desiree nods knowingly and they bid each other adieu.  Definitely saw enough closure here for her to potentially be the new Bachelorette.  Here’s to hoping.


Next week: elephants, crying, kissing, cabanas, meeting the family, a ring, and a letter.

And, the part of the show that pulled most at my heartstrings: the tribute to the dog that recently passed.  Devastating.


The Bachelor Recap Hometown Dates – Sean

We’ve got four cities, 3 roses, overprotective siblings, dogs, the General’s Daughter, the adopted daughter, and a whole lot more drama to get us through these hometown dates.


Houston, Texas: AshLee

AshLee has already spilled the beans to Sean that she loves him. First he meets Bailey, her pup. AshLee tells Sean a bit about her dad, a pastor, and Sean shares (maybe for the first time?) that his dad is also a reverend, along with his grandfather.  Then Ashley brings in the daddy issues by taking the “you’re just like my father” comparisons to a level that is getting close to creepy. And in case we have forgotten about her previous marriage, AshLee makes sure to tell Sean that he responded to that heartbreaking news better than she could have ever dreamed.

Flowers in hand, Sean arrives at the pastor’s house for a backyard picnic where she details everylittlething they’ve done up until now. And then it gets awkward when AshLee starts telling her folks about rolling around in the sand and getting romantic with Sean.  Not cool, lady.  Sounds like the first time she’s ever kissed a boy.

“What are your intentions for AshLee? Are you going to break her heart?” — AshLee’s mom’s first questions.  I mean, really?  Come on, lady.  How do you expect a man to answer that?

Of course, the abandonment issues are brought up again and Sean is talked into a corner, forced to say he won’t break her heart when odds are he just may do that.

Sean avoids the L word by saying he’s crazy about AshLee and puts dad in the hot seat by asking about why he gave his permission to the boy who wanted to marry AshLee when she was 17.  Dad says she was almost 18 and pretty much he thought it would be better to give in than to make her mad, apparently.

“Would you be okay with me proposing to your daughter if that’s what I wanted to do?” – Sean to AshLee’s dad, who of course says he’d be excited to welcome him into the family.

When AshLee’s dad tells the story of his first date with AshLee and how he fell in love with her when he met her and expects the same type of love from the man who will have her heart (yeah, it was all kinda weird), Sean just looked straight faced and not interested.

AshLee tells Sean she loves him a lot before he leaves and his response is “you’re the best.”  For you Sex & the City fans out there, you know: best is the worst.

Seattle, Washington: Catherine

The sun is out in Seattle for Sean and Catherine looks darling and she’s super bubbly and fun.  For as awkward as this show can get, it seems like they’ve got a good thing going. At the fish market, Sean and Catherine take turns catching fish and my grin is huge. That was goofy and awesome.

Sean says he feels like he and Catherine have been boyfriend/girlfriend for a while.

Catherine warns that her mom is a little intimidating and scary, her grandmother is feisty. I like her already. Catherine’s sisters are there too and so are so eggrolls, which look delicious. Whilst gushing about Sean, the sisters wonder why their happy-go-lucky gal is now so serious. Catherine is disappointed now, having to spend so much time defending her feelings and Sean.

“Do you think she is ready to settle down right now? — Sean to Catherine’s sisters

“I can see her having kids right away. She goes in 100% with guys and you know, she always makes things really fun…blah blah blah…she needs someone who supports her dreams and if they don’t…blah blah blah…”  – Catherine’s sisters.  And in there, the blah blah blah means she breaks it off and moves on.

Sean tries to ease into the “do I have your blessing to propose?” with Sean’s mom and she just advises Sean to take it one day and one step at a time.  I suppose he’d expect a resounding yes, but I think he should probably respect the practicality of the family in pointing out flaws and having reservations.  Not everything is sunshine and roses.  Sometimes the roses run out.

Still no “I love you” out of Catherine.

Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri: Lindsay

Lindsay and Sean walk around town but there’s definitely not much to do, although, they’ve at least got a few of my favorite things: antiques, beer and cupcakes. Sean stresses out over meeting Lindsay’s dad, a two-star General.  Eek. Pressure.  And likely some loaded guns in the house.

Lindsay makes Sean gear up in some Army apparel and orders him around all bossy like, making him do pushups and slapping his butt to get him to stand up straighter.  Pretty sure the Army frowns upon that.

Lindsay’s mom looks just like her. She is all smiles and pleasantly surprised that Lindsay and Sean seem to really be getting along well.  When mom asks Sean if he’s falling in love with Lindsay and Sean says that he’s not at a point to say mom takes his response as very respectable, that he isn’t throwing around the L word lightly but what he’s really saying is that he contractually is not allowed to say I love you before the final rose.  Ha! Sorry mom.

Dad tells Sean that his biggest concern is that this will end badly and Lindsay will get hurt. Sean says he’s crazy about Lindsay and it doesn’t seem a whole lot more but he goes ahead and asks for dad’s blessing anyway.  Dad says he’s never been asked a tougher question in his life and he doesn’t think he has an answer.  He goes into an analogy about being a paratrooper and analyzing risk and having the authority to make the decision “on the ground.”  And then he comes around to say that he’d give his blessing for the two of them to have the authority to make the decision themselves.

And to end their time together, dad gifts Sean with some identification tags that outline the Army’s values.  Super sweet. Sean says he can see himself with her family and Lindsay reciprocates by telling him that she’s definitely falling in love with him.

Los Angeles, California: Desiree

Desiree is out hiking when Sean arrives and they casually stroll along chatting. They seem to do more making out and sitting and cuddling than actual hiking but hey, still counts.  Desiree brings Sean to her house and she prepares a meal and then a mysterious man shows up.  Mystery man invites himself in, declares his undying love for Desiree, gets up in Sean’s personal space, and the guy just cannot believe that she’d want to be with an actor!  Sean looks ready to punch something. Ha!  It’s not too long before Desiree interrupts the scene to exclaim “Gotcha!” and she spends the next few minutes reveling in getting Sean back for the art show prank he played on her during their first date.

Not too long after, Mom, Dad and Brother walk in.  Mom recognizes a glow in Desiree, Dad and Sean seem to have a great connection but then the brother gets his turn and it’s not so bueno.  Brother is super skeptical and he thinks the whole thing is pretty stupid and then flat out tells Desiree that if she and Sean end up together, he’d be thinking the whole time that it’s not going to work.

Brother tells Sean that he thinks Desiree is really into Sean but he doesn’t see any reciprocation or connection between the two of them.  Sean says he’s crazy about Desiree and brother retorts that he’s probably crazy about a lot of girls.  And Sean can’t escape that fact — there are three other women in the competition after all.  Sean thinks he’s in the clear but Brother calls him out: “I think you’re just a playboy, just having fun with the circumstances…”  Brother says he does not believe anything Sean is saying. And that’s that.  Big Gulps, huh?  Well, see ya later.

And now dinner is ruined. And mom and dad are chatting about the weather. Everyone is mortified.  Meals have hardly been touched and yet it’s apparently time for Sean to go. After a PG peck, Desiree knows things have gone astray. Brother warns Desiree that he is not the one.


Before the roses are handed out, Desiree asks to speak to Sean alone and they go outside to talk and she apologizes for her brother’s behavior. I’m shocked she doesn’t throw in a last minute “I love you” but maybe she thought that would be a low blow to the other girls. Or desperate. But hey, desperate times.

  • AshLee — I was kinda surprised by this one. Were you?
  • Lindsay — Also kinda surprised by this one.

And before Sean hands out the final rose, he walks out of the room to contemplate and stare at the girls’ photos and talk to his main man, Chris.  Chris’s big advice: get this right.  Sean decides that he’ll choose the one that he’d miss the most the next day and confesses that he had originally planned to send Des home but now he just doesn’t know if he can. But he does.

  • Catherine — I was only surprised that it was between Catherine and Desiree. Those two were my front runners.

Going Home: Desiree  

Sean says she has every quality he’s looking for in a wife and he thinks he may wake up the next day and totally regret sending her home and Desiree agrees — she thinks she can make him the happiest. Desiree says that she wants someone who won’t take her for granted but she honestly feels like Sean is making a mistake, however, if he felt he had a better relationship with someone else then she’d understand. But he doesn’t say that he does. And he doesn’t say much else other than he’ll miss her.  And she spends a solid few minutes hugging him and begging him to not let her go. Sad, sad story.

In the limo home, Desiree says “I don’t even know what I’m going to do about my life.”

Tomorrow Night:  “Sean Tells All”  (is this a new episode?!? I don’t remember this from other seasons…a whole episode rehashing every details. ugh.)

Next Monday: Fantasy Suites in Thailand

The Bachelor Recap episode 7, season 17 – Sean


There are six ladies left and they’re flying on a sea plane to St. Croix.  Whoa. That place is gorgeous.

At least at this point in the show Tierra is coming to terms with where she stands: she knows she doesn’t have friends in the house.  As all the other ladies fawn over their big beds and the lush accommodations, Tierra grabs the roll away bed out of the closet and gets it all set up in the living room.  Ha!

Here’s a recap of episode 7:

One-on-One Date:  AshLee — “Let’s get carried away.”

After Tierra spends a good chunk of time belittling AshLee behind her back for being an old lady of 32, Sean picks up AshLee for their romantic date day on a catamaran. The clips of their date show them frolicking in the sun, jumping off the boat, and looking like a knockout in her hot bikini bod.  During her camera time, she’s a tad too emotional but apparently that’s what he likes about her so far.

That is, until he gets her alone on the beach and he asks her to tell him all about Tierra.  Friend zone?  Well, no, not right now, as evidenced by their rolling around make out sessions in the waves.

For their romantic dinner, they’re set up on the sand with the waves not far away. Sean pretty much tells AshLee that he’ll be heading home to meet her family and he’s wondering if there’s anything else he needs to know.  Well, yes, as a matter of fact there is! Funny you should ask.

AshLee says 15 years ago she was having a hard time, she hated her mom, and she had a boyfriend that she married at age 17.  They started dating her freshman year, they got married her junior year and were done by senior year.

“I want to come to you as whole as I can and I don’t want to be like this broken girl that comes to you…so, I didn’t want to ruin today but I feel like I kinda did.”

“I had no idea what you were gonna say. I thought you were going to say something terrible…I certainly don’t view you as broken so just take that out of your vocabulary.” — Sean, in response to AshLee’s confession about being engaged and underage. (okay, married and underage)

And now for the super cheesy part: AshLee gets up and asks “are you ready for this?” and yells “Hello St. Croix!!!!” and then Sean does too.  Oh, but wait, it gets worse.  Then she says again “are you ready for this?” and then yells “I love Sean!!!!”  Ugh. So corny.  But hey, she probably watched him get up in front of a crowd on a soapbox and spout off about love so maybe she was trying to prove she’s got guts too. (despite the fact that there’s no crowd if you don’t count the production crew).

One-on-One Date: Tierra — “Let’s explore our love on the streets of St. Croix.”

The girls are all excited and jealous. Meanwhile, Tierra is uber disappointed.

“…being attacked by bugs and the sweatiness and my makeup dripping off, you know, that’s not fun nor cool,” says Tierra about her one-on-one date with Sean.

All she does is complain to the camera but she’s putting on a smile for Sean to brave through this extremely difficult day — you know, leisurely strolling around town buying stuff. Perfectly timed, a parade strolls through town, and Tierra is actually looking like she’s having a good time.  And it seems just like that, Sean has forgotten all of the drama that AshLee laid out for him in the sand.

When Sean asks Tierra about how things are going in the house, she says it’s difficult because the girls don’t want to accept her and she thinks maybe they’re jealous and they go off and do their own thing and don’t ever talk to her.
Tierra realizes that Sean is acting a little distant and she’s beginning to catch on. At dinner she tells Sean she feels behind in the game and that she has stronger feelings for him than he does for her.  Gosh, that girl is good! Now Sean feels guilty! But, at least he’s honest in telling her that it’s probably the drama in the house that is putting her a little behind. And now the game is really on.

Tierra tells Sean that she really cares for him a lot, she’s really falling for him and she really hopes he takes that into consideration when he goes home.

Sean is singing a different tune now and declares, “I have come to the conclusion that she’s probably not nice to the other women but she’s genuine with me.”  Oh, and hey, she won’t have to keep living with the other girls after this week anyway.  No biggie.

Group Date: Catherine, Desiree and Lindsay — “Love is on the horizon.”

At 4:42 a.m., Sean sneaks into the girls’ room and Lindsay squeals “ahh, I’m naked!” haha…naked sleeper!  Too funny.  Sean is pleasantly surprised at how lovely the girls look before they get all trussed up.

“I’m probably the lowest maintenance person here. I just need to pee and I’m good to go.” — Catherine, who I think wins just for that.

Their date is a sunrise to sunset road trip date across the island. Catherine and Lindsay feel like they’re the outcasts of the date as the two spend a lot of time alone together flirting.  Both Lindsay and Catherine are alarmed at how strong their bond is already.  Little do they know that AshLee and Tierra are already throwing out big words like “love” and “falling for you.”

There at the end it seems like Lindsay is getting a bit desperate and needs to tell Sean how much she wants to stick around.

“Catherine and I have a very unique relationship where we can be weird and goofy and then in a moment it can turn to serious. And I like that.” — Sean about his relationship with Catherine.

Catherine shares that her dad will probably not be at her hometown date. He lives in China and was battling depression for a really long time.  She says when he was 14 he had a suicide attempt in front of her sisters and her and she still has a relationship with him — she still contacts him but he won’t be there.

Sean is admiring how great and strong Catherine is and perfectly timed, they spot some dolphins, which he hasn’t been able to see with anyone else.

Talking to Desiree, she breaks out in happy tears talking about her family and how special they are to her.

Sean breaks out the group date rose and after telling all three girls he is very comfortable with all of them, he gives it to Lindsay.  Desiree is shocked.  And then it’s a bit ominous when the sunset they came to see is nowhere to be found. Wah wah wah….

One-on-One Date: Lesley — “I hope our love stands the test of time.”

Sean confesses to the camera that he has stronger feelings for other women at this point so it’s pretty much make it or break it for Lesley. Unfortunately for her, she confesses to the camera that she is falling in love with Sean. Very confidently.  Oooh. Awkward. But then she chickens out and it’s a good thing because it was crickets out there when she was talking about all the chemistry they apparently have.

Lesley keeps talking about the natural progression of their relationship, and meanwhile Sean tells the camera that things are moving way too slow and they aren’t nearly affectionate enough with each other.

I definitely think Lesley is gonna be the girl who goes home wondering if she should have let her guard down a lot more and what could have been if she did.

Surprise Visitor: Shay, Sean’s sister

Sean’s sister arrives to give him some advice.  Shay gives practical pointers about the girls, asks some questions, and brings back a message from the family that they are concerned that he’ll choose someone who doesn’t love him as much as he loves them.

Shay: “What was the only piece of advice your sister gave you before you left?”

Sean: “Don’t end up with the girl no one likes.”

The Big Conflict: Tierra v. AshLee

Tierra asks AshLee if she has anything to say to her and AshLee says no.

“Girls are jealous. Men love me!” — Tierra

“Raised eyebrow, Ashley??  That’s my face! I can’t control my eyebrow!!” — Tierra

“Tierra, you have a sparkle. Do not let those girls take away your sparkle.” — The advice Tierra’s parents gave her before she came on the show.

Sean thinks it’s a good idea to grab Tierra to introduce her to his sister and it’s perfectly timed too, as Tierra the Tierrable is just finished with her rant and now she’s crying alone by herself on her cot. Sean finds her and Tierra whines “why is this happening to me? you know this is so hard for me. I’m so sensitive and I have such a big heart but I’m just so scared of this whole process and I don’t know how to take it…” [pushing out those tears and just when there are enough of them for a good show, she turns to face him so he can get a good look.]  Boy, she’s good.

Tierra tells Sean she confronted AshLee for sabotaging her date with Sean.

“I don’t want to sit here and talk about this because I’m already scared going into tonight.” [sideways look at Sean to see if he’ll reassure me I’m staying.]

Also, does this bother anyone else?  Why is it that all AshLee can seem to remember is that Tierra never says good morning?

When Sean comes back in the room and tells Tierra that he wanted her to meet his sister she really puts on the ugly cry face because she realizes she totally blew it.  Sean tells her that he really cares about her but because she’s having such a hard time with all of this, he thinks it would be best if she went home now. And now she’s gotta play out that tortured girl routine until she gets in the van and she can shout “I can’t believe they did this to me!!!”

Meanwhile, Sean’s left his sister hanging on the beach for like the last hour.  Jerk.  But at least her mission is accomplished and now the crazy lady is gone.

Cocktail Party:

  • Tierra’s been gone for hours and none of the girls know what happened so they’re trying to figure out if Sean will walk back in to the rose ceremony with Tierra in tow.
  • Sean strolls in and announces to the girls that Tierra went home that afternoon and he explains that he had a moment of clarity realizing she was not going to be his wife and that he does not want a source of drama as a partner.
  • And then after that he says he’s confident in his final decision so he is canceling the cocktail party and going straight to the rose ceremony.
  • The girls are shakin’ in their stilettos. Especially AshLee since she’s the one that was seemingly on the other side of the drama.


  • Lindsay
  • Desiree
  • Catherine
  • AshLee

Going Home: The reign of Tierra the Tierrable is over at last. Rejoice!

And, on a sad note, Lesley is leaving, which means there’s not going to be anything funny happening in the coming episodes. Bummer.

P.S. Really liked her dress.

P.P.S. Catherine is crying because she doesn’t understand how he could send Lesley home over her, as he seems to have more in common with Lesley than her. And now her beliefs are shattered.

Coming up: families! Sean asks Lindsay’s dad for her hand in marriage. Desiree’s brother is harsh and calling out Sean on all the bullshit that is The Bachelor and it appears a brawl may be a brewin’!  I’d put money on Desiree’s brother — she said they lived in tents and a car and I figure he’s got a lot more spunk in him.

What were your favorite moments of the night?

The Bachelor Recap episode 6, season 17 – Sean


Night two of back-to-back Bachelor episodes puts us in Canada, don’cha know. And it’s cold and snowy and beautiful at Lake Louise where the gang is holed up in the mountains at the Fairmont.  Fancy!  They’re definitely not roughing it.  Here’s a recap of episode 6:

One-on-One Date:  Catherine — “Let’s find our fairy tale ending.”

The date starts off with Catherine standing solemnly, alone in the cold, cold snow.  And then along comes her man, trucking along in a big snow bus.  Is it just me or does this terrain look a little too fierce for Sean to be in charge of navigating that glacier?!  Just me, ey?

Following an afternoon braving a snow storm to play around, go sledding, do cartwheels and handstands, and make snow angels, a carriage ride takes them to a private date in an ice castle built just for them.  They use their intimate surroundings to get to be a bit more serious than their usual giddy, grinning selves.

When she was 12 years old, Catherine says she went to summer camp with her best friend and on a trail walk a tree fell on a girl in front of her, killing her instantly.  Catherine says this explains why she is the way she is — appreciative of her life and willing to make the most of every moment.  It helped her realize, she said, that she most wants to have a partner in life and to find great love and start a family.  Sean is smitten and gives Catherine a rose to assure her how special she is and how much he cares for her.

Group Date:  AshLee, Daniella, Selma, Lesley, Tierra, Sarah, Lindsay — “Let’s bare our souls.”

The group is shocked that Daniella is included on the group date, as she’s the only girl left to not experience a one-on-one date with Sean.  That’s saying something, ey?  The group date starts off with a canoe ride across the lake — fortunate for Lesley, she’s a quick study and realizes there’s room for one girl in Sean’s canoe so she hops on in.  Once the girls all get to the other side of the lake, they’re hoping for a hot tub or something relaxing (and warm), but instead Sean tells the girls to suit up for a polar bear plunge in the freezing cold water.  Does not sound fun at all.  Lindsay is the only one who seems really excited.  Sean is quick to introduce the lifeguard and EMT who warns the gals about hypothermia.

Selma is a smarty who opts out of the plunge and leisurely reapplies her lip balm instead. AshLee is seriously considering not taking the plunge, but she sees this as the ultimate show of faith and her feelings for Sean so she goes through with it anyway.  Sean and all the girls run and jump in and are extremely invigorated when they’re back on land and cozying up in their robes.  Everyone except Tierra who can’t seem to breathe.  The emergency team wraps her up and whisks her away. And by whisk her away, I mean they carry her.  Seriously, people? You don’t have a golf cart or something to transport a little quicker?  In any case, it’s all very shaky camera and serious.   That is until she gets back into the hotel room and gets a latte in her hands and then all she can say is something along the lines of missing time with Sean.  Instead of a hot mess, Tierra’s a cold mess with mascara running down her face.  Once she gets all cleaned up in a solo suite, surprise, surprise, Sean shows up to console her and even she says coyly “I don’t want you to see me like this — for the third time!”  Huh.  You’d think this guy would’ve caught on by now, but that is just not the case.

The group date girls are all ecstatic for an evening that’ll be Tierra-free.  Lesley and Sean get some alone time and she uses the opportunity to tell Sean how crazy she is about him.  They both use the word “love” a lot.  A lot.  There’s a lot of love. No “I love you” — no, no.  But they both love lots of things about each other.

Sarah has a surprise planned for Sean — some old family photos she uses to show him a glimpse into her family life so that he might want to come home and meet them soon.  Sarah gets a quick peck on the mouth but I’m definitely not seeing any sparks flying.  Nothing like the stuff Taylor Swift songs are made of.

Despite telling Tierra not to come to the party so that she could rest and take care of herself, the sneaky little devil shows up anyway.  But not before spritzing half a bottle of perfume forming an impenetrable cloud around her.  Pee-yew! Yuck.  It’s also awesomely timed because she walks in in the middle of all the girls having a bash session.

“Everybody: watch your back! We have a Tierra-ist on our hands.” — Lesley.

Sean asks Tierra if she wants a proposal at the end of the season and instead of the speech she gave last night about how she could get engaged to anyone she wanted, she gives a very scripted “I just want to be happy in our life together.”

Happily, Lindsay steals Sean away for a hot and heavy makeout session.  She seems satisfied, even when Lesley wins the group date rose.

When Sean gets back to the hotel room after the group date, his heart is heavy because he realizes that he doesn’t see a future with Sarah and she’s spent a good chunk of her evening with him telling him about how much she wants him to meet her family.  As soon as Sean sits Sarah down, she knows what’s coming.  Sean says he feels like he’s reaching trying to make things work and he’s looking to her hoping she’ll agree and I’m happy she lets him keep talking to try and explain himself but she finally does let him know that she’s surprised and disappointed but she’s also super classy about it all — even as he tells her in a very Chris Harrison-esque way: “You know, whenever you’re ready. Just take your time.”  Jerk. Waits for her downstairs in the lobby instead of in the hallway. Can’t even help her carry her bags?  Sheesh.

One-on-One Date: Desiree — “Don’t be scared…to fall in love.”

Desiree is the first lady contender to get a second one-on-one date.  Sean realizes that Desiree is questioning his feelings for her, and whether she should even be there.  The duo hikes up Tunnel Mountain for a stunning view of Banff National Forest.  Sean is making her work for her food — they’ll repel down the mountain to a picnic spot.  I feel like we’ve seen a version of this, no? Yes. Yes, we have. But that lady just went home so not to worry aboot that.  (See what I did there?!)

Side note: I think I’ve decided that Desiree looks a bit like Katharine McPhee.  Right? Is that it?  (Speaking of her, SMASH is back — yesss!!!)

During their picnic, they both reassure each other about their own feelings and Desiree says she’s decided to commit to seeing this thing through because she thinks they may have something really special. Sean concurs. And just like a scene straight out of Twilight (minus the spider monkey flying), Sean and Desiree shimmy up a tree.

For their evening entertainment, they’ve got a cozy little bonfire in an awesome teepee.  Love that! So fun.  Des says when she was young her family didn’t have money so she’s lived in a tent (probably not as nice as that teepee), a fifth wheel, a trailer, apartments…she says that money is really not important to her at all.  She says her parents always made it work and looking back she never felt any tension or resentment but that she knew love and putting others first, which is why she’s so humble and just focused on creating a house full of love for her own life.  Sean is impressed.  Boy, is he! Such a perfect answer for him!  Sean tells us that he can see himself proposing to Des.  I think that’s the first time we’ve heard that out his mouth, ey?!?   Needless to say, woman of his dreams Desiree gets the rose.

“I opened up about spending some of my life living in a tent and here I am falling in love in a teepee.”  — Desiree. Best quote ever.

Cocktail Party:

  • Sean says at this point in the game, if he can’t picture a woman raising a family with him, then he can’t keep her here anymore.  Dun dun duun duuuun…
  • Selma feels like she missed out because she didn’t do the polar bear plunge so now she’s going to break her mother’s heart and kiss Sean on national television.  Her family is shamed. I’m sure her cleavage isn’t embarrassing her family at all and that it was the PG kiss that really threw them all over the edge.
  • When Lindsay gets alone time with Sean she tells him up front that there will be absolutely no kissing because apparently that’s all they ever do.  That’s funny.  Sean wants to know something about Lindsay and she says “I sleep naked.”  His response: “I respect that. I won’t argue with that.”  They are goofy and funny and even I’m smiling.  They also can’t help but keep their hands and lips off of each other and end up making out anyway.  Solid effort, you two.
  • AshLee, a self-identified control freak, decides to act out a little trust exercise by bringing a blindfold so Sean can lead her around, a symbol that she’s relinquishing control to him in order to lead their relationship.  Very Fifty Shades, ey?
  • Still seems like Daniella didn’t get any significant alone time.


  • Catherine, the giddy one
  • Lesley, the funny one
  • Desiree, the tree climber
  • Lindsay, the liplocker
  • AshLee, control freak
  • Tierra, crazy freak

Going Home: Selma is “leaving with a heartbreak and a memory” and Daniella feels slighted because she didn’t even have a chance to get to know Sean (which is probably why she’s going home).    

Coming up this season: With six girls left, they’re now off to warmer weather in St. Croix. Hallelujah!  Plane rides, dancing, jumping off boats, falling in love, rolling around in the sand, a tear-filled Tierra crazy freakout/well-executed plan.

What were your favorite moments of the night?

The Bachelor Recap episode 5, season 17 – Sean

With 11 ladies left, there are three dates this week including a group date, a one-on-one date and the dreaded two-on-one date where someone gets sent home.  Good news is the ladies are headed off for some traveling adventures — first stop: Montana.  (we hear someone in the background exclaim “What?!” and I agree. Not as cool as somewhere exotic abroad.)  Here’s a recap of episode 5:

“I’ll make the best of it,” says Tierra the Tierrable as she swats at flies.  Welcome to Montana.

One-on-One Date:  Lindsay — “Let love soar.”

Lindsay is so excited to get the one-on-one date that she’s crying whilst all the other girls cry inside wondering if they’ll be sent home as the third wheel on the awkward two-on-one date.

Sean says Lindsay’s wedding dress stunt on the first night almost sent her home but now he’s excited to put her adventurous side to the test, starting with a helicopter ride.  They take off for a tour of Glacier National Park.  Let’s just hope she doesn’t get stranded on the glacier a la crazy “guard and protect your heart” Kasey from Ali’s season.  Sean says he really likes Lindsay because she’s not high maintenance and they exchange “I feel like I know you so well” compliments in between makeout sessions during their picnic.

Later on, things heat up with a cozy fireside and wine chat.  Lindsay talks about her dad being gone during the war when she was a teenager, which Sean believes explains why she wants to settle down and start a family so much.  And that’s his soft spot so they start making out.  Once they come up for air, Sean gives her the rose.

“I just want her to know how extremely special she is and you know, we come from two different backgrounds but at the same time we do share the same morals and I think we both want the same things.  More than that, I think we get along so well and it clicks so easily.  That’s just two personalities gelling together and that’s probably more exciting than anything else.” — Sean, about his relationship with Lindsay.

The final surprise Sean has for Lindsay is Sarah Darling (?) performing “Home to Me” and it looks as if the whole small town of Whitefish, Montana is there to watch them sway back and forth in attempt to dance.

Group Date: Selma, AshLee, Desiree, Catherine, Sarah, Lesley, Robyn, Daniella — “You make my heart race.”

Selma can’t kiss so she runs full on to jump in Sean’s arms to greet him.  There’s a whole lotta “ya’ll” in Sean’s vocabulary now that we’re in the country.  And as they approach goats, one of the girls wonders out loud: “are those dogs?” (My money is on Daniella).  Chris Harrison welcomes them to The Bachelor’s Montana Wilderness Relay: a canoe race, bucking hay, sawing through a 12″ log, and milking a goat (and drinking it!). The winning team moves onto the second part of the date and the losers go home with goat’s milk on their breath.

The red team: Selma, Desiree, Sarah and Robyn.
The blue team: AshLee, Leslie, Daniella and Catherine.

Lesley, determined to win, has a little pep talk with the goat about drinking its milk. And in a Dr. Doolittle moment, comes to an agreement with the goat: “He said he’ll make it chocolate for me.” Oh, Lesley.  You need more camera time!

Selma and Robyn are awful at canoeing. Just wretched.  But then the blue team breaks their hay bales in half. Oh, and the poor goats are just getting violated.  And finally, kudos to Desiree who chugged the milk that she just retrieved out of that poor goat. The blue team loses and the driver of their getaway van makes them stay just long enough to see the red team’s champagne toast with Sean.  Ouch.

In the second half of their date night, the intimate group heads to a bar whilst Chris Harrison greets the losing blue team back at their hotel.  He surprises the blue team with a date card from Sean that reads “Sending you home didn’t feel good. Please join me at the party tonight.” Redeemed, the girls are probably thinking they shouldn’t have been pity drinking so hard back at the hotel in their pj’s, but they suit up and get ready. Sean breaks the news to the red team and Desiree, the goat milk guzzler, is livid. And rightly so. She should at least get a rose.  That stuff wasn’t pasteurized.

By the looks of it, Tierra’s been writing an 18-page scornful letter, front and back, and she’s determined to go find Sean and give him a piece of her pissed off mind. Not even thinking enough to put on a sweater, Tierra, marches herself right into that bar.  Cuh-razy!  She questions Sean for giving her a two-on-one date and all but tells him to send Jackie home.

Desiree gets some alone time with Sean and is sure to let him know how disappointed she is because of how much effort she put into the race to get quality time with him, only to have it squandered.  Further evidenced when AshLee promptly interrupts that alone time.  Point well made, Desiree.  Sad thing is that he probably thinks she’s being whiny, but she was being totally honest.  But honesty doesn’t win anything, especially not the makeout session that AshLee and Sean are having while Desiree’s in the other room pouting.

“Catherine is someone that all I wanna do is, like, snuggle with her…I enjoy being affectionate towards her and just being with her and showing her how much I care about her. I just love being with Catherine.” — Sean, on his relationship with Catherine.  By gosh, she’s just darling. And all smiley and giddy.

Daniella is emotional and upset when she walks outside to find Catherine sitting on Sean’s lap.  Desiree is definitely the best one in the house because she’s already got the camera angles figured out enough to know how to block Daniella’s ugly crying from view.  Now that’s a girl you wanna be friends with.  Desiree for next Bachelorette, anyone?!  Anyhoo…now that Sean’s back from gallivanting with Catherine, he takes Daniella away to go talk it out and make-it-out on a coach somewhere to make her feel better.  When in doubt: make out.  Works. Every. Time.  Daniella gets the group date rose!  Robyn is Bitter Betty (and it’s probably gonna get her sent home).

One-on-One Date: Tierra & Jackie — “Love is a wild ride.” (Two women, one rose, one stays, one goes.)

Sweet, pretty Jackie thinks that Sean will see Tierra’s devil side.  Oh, you.  That’s precious. It seems she’s going to play the friend card in attempt to warn Sean about Tierra’s tierra-ble side.  Apparently Tierra was flirting with a cute guy at the airport, which she tells him because she’s absolutely sure that he’d want to know. Ugh, this never works! Ladies and gents, if you ever go on this show remember: the one who tattles always gets sent home. Always!  Write that down.

Sean seems like he doesn’t know about Jackie yet and Tierra’s a safe bet that he just wants to feel up out a little more. Following an afternoon of horseback riding, the trio has a romantic, fireside dinner that’s inevitably super awkward.  Sean says if he could be somewhere else, he’d like to be there.  For the first time we hear Sean admit that Tierra’s probably full of drama.  Tierra gives the negative-is-a-positive interview answer to how she’s feeling: “I just have the biggest heart” which equates to “I care too much.”  She opens up to Sean about being scared to open up because she is scared of losing someone again — basically she’s just scared. She tells the story of how she lost her best friend who passed away, a guy she knew for 13 years, dated and stood by as he was in and out of rehab.  It apparently is this sob story that leads Sean to find some redeeming qualities in Tierra, enough to keep her around and give her the rose.

As she exits, Jackie warns Sean to be careful with his heart.  Why does this tattling person every season say things that are so vague?  Why not give explicit examples and documentation?  Write this stuff down, people!  Give him a list. There’s gotta be a better way.

After Jackie exits, Sean and Tierra have a little picnic to watch some private fireworks whilst the rest of the girls at the hotel look on in awe. Cue crazy Tierra the Tierrable laugh.

Cocktail Party:

  • Desiree gets more reassurance from Sean but it gets a little rocky when Desiree calls Sean unpredictable and Sean defensively asks if she’s talking about Tierra.  They seem able to get past it but there’s some lingering confusion.
  • Tierra is bored and wants to spice things up.  “I honestly wish I was a fighter. I honestly do. Because I would beat the s*&! out of these bitches.” — Tierra the Tierrable.
  • In response, Robyn says “I am so sick of her. I’m gonna take this to Bad Girl’s Club.” Robyn approaches her with a backup posse of Lesley and Catherine to call Tierra out on her two-sided BS — she won’t talk to anyone in the house but then the cameras turn on or Sean shows up and she lights up and puts on her show.  Tierra’s retort is that she’s over it all and if she really wanted to get engaged, she could easily go get engaged with any of the plenty of guys in the world.
  • Desiree appropriately notes that Tierra needs a Xanax and to be sent home.  Sean is still clueless but he happens to walk by in the middle of Tierra’s furious rant.  He pulls Tierra aside so she can tell him that she’s being attacked by every single girl in the house. And she’s a no-drama person. And she can only handle so much.  Sean might be catching on a bit and questions when Tierra proclaims:  “I am such a nice girl and no one gives me credit here.”
  • Sean pulls Lesley aside and asks her flat out if he needs to know anything about Tierra, with specifics.  Lesley is trying to act classy about this but she’s still vague so Sean isn’t much the wiser. All he knows is that Tierra’s not that nice. Apparently.


  • Lindsay
  • Daniella
  • Tierra the Tierrable
  • Celibate Selma
  • Catherine
  • Lesley
  • AshLee
  • Sarah
  • Desiree

Going Home:  Jackie and Robyn.

Coming up tomorrow night: a polar bear plunge and someone’s not breathing.  Tierra the Tierrable.  Probably just a set up so she can say “you took my breath away.”   It gets ugly. But it is a good show, I’ll give her that.

Coming up this season: bears, Canadian Rockies, waterfalls, ice castles, bikinis, lots of crying, monkeys!, elephants, lanterns, declarations of love,  lots of making out, and a Dear Sean letter on proposal day.

What were your favorite moments of the night?