The Bachelor Recap episode 6, season 17 – Sean


Night two of back-to-back Bachelor episodes puts us in Canada, don’cha know. And it’s cold and snowy and beautiful at Lake Louise where the gang is holed up in the mountains at the Fairmont.  Fancy!  They’re definitely not roughing it.  Here’s a recap of episode 6:

One-on-One Date:  Catherine — “Let’s find our fairy tale ending.”

The date starts off with Catherine standing solemnly, alone in the cold, cold snow.  And then along comes her man, trucking along in a big snow bus.  Is it just me or does this terrain look a little too fierce for Sean to be in charge of navigating that glacier?!  Just me, ey?

Following an afternoon braving a snow storm to play around, go sledding, do cartwheels and handstands, and make snow angels, a carriage ride takes them to a private date in an ice castle built just for them.  They use their intimate surroundings to get to be a bit more serious than their usual giddy, grinning selves.

When she was 12 years old, Catherine says she went to summer camp with her best friend and on a trail walk a tree fell on a girl in front of her, killing her instantly.  Catherine says this explains why she is the way she is — appreciative of her life and willing to make the most of every moment.  It helped her realize, she said, that she most wants to have a partner in life and to find great love and start a family.  Sean is smitten and gives Catherine a rose to assure her how special she is and how much he cares for her.

Group Date:  AshLee, Daniella, Selma, Lesley, Tierra, Sarah, Lindsay — “Let’s bare our souls.”

The group is shocked that Daniella is included on the group date, as she’s the only girl left to not experience a one-on-one date with Sean.  That’s saying something, ey?  The group date starts off with a canoe ride across the lake — fortunate for Lesley, she’s a quick study and realizes there’s room for one girl in Sean’s canoe so she hops on in.  Once the girls all get to the other side of the lake, they’re hoping for a hot tub or something relaxing (and warm), but instead Sean tells the girls to suit up for a polar bear plunge in the freezing cold water.  Does not sound fun at all.  Lindsay is the only one who seems really excited.  Sean is quick to introduce the lifeguard and EMT who warns the gals about hypothermia.

Selma is a smarty who opts out of the plunge and leisurely reapplies her lip balm instead. AshLee is seriously considering not taking the plunge, but she sees this as the ultimate show of faith and her feelings for Sean so she goes through with it anyway.  Sean and all the girls run and jump in and are extremely invigorated when they’re back on land and cozying up in their robes.  Everyone except Tierra who can’t seem to breathe.  The emergency team wraps her up and whisks her away. And by whisk her away, I mean they carry her.  Seriously, people? You don’t have a golf cart or something to transport a little quicker?  In any case, it’s all very shaky camera and serious.   That is until she gets back into the hotel room and gets a latte in her hands and then all she can say is something along the lines of missing time with Sean.  Instead of a hot mess, Tierra’s a cold mess with mascara running down her face.  Once she gets all cleaned up in a solo suite, surprise, surprise, Sean shows up to console her and even she says coyly “I don’t want you to see me like this — for the third time!”  Huh.  You’d think this guy would’ve caught on by now, but that is just not the case.

The group date girls are all ecstatic for an evening that’ll be Tierra-free.  Lesley and Sean get some alone time and she uses the opportunity to tell Sean how crazy she is about him.  They both use the word “love” a lot.  A lot.  There’s a lot of love. No “I love you” — no, no.  But they both love lots of things about each other.

Sarah has a surprise planned for Sean — some old family photos she uses to show him a glimpse into her family life so that he might want to come home and meet them soon.  Sarah gets a quick peck on the mouth but I’m definitely not seeing any sparks flying.  Nothing like the stuff Taylor Swift songs are made of.

Despite telling Tierra not to come to the party so that she could rest and take care of herself, the sneaky little devil shows up anyway.  But not before spritzing half a bottle of perfume forming an impenetrable cloud around her.  Pee-yew! Yuck.  It’s also awesomely timed because she walks in in the middle of all the girls having a bash session.

“Everybody: watch your back! We have a Tierra-ist on our hands.” — Lesley.

Sean asks Tierra if she wants a proposal at the end of the season and instead of the speech she gave last night about how she could get engaged to anyone she wanted, she gives a very scripted “I just want to be happy in our life together.”

Happily, Lindsay steals Sean away for a hot and heavy makeout session.  She seems satisfied, even when Lesley wins the group date rose.

When Sean gets back to the hotel room after the group date, his heart is heavy because he realizes that he doesn’t see a future with Sarah and she’s spent a good chunk of her evening with him telling him about how much she wants him to meet her family.  As soon as Sean sits Sarah down, she knows what’s coming.  Sean says he feels like he’s reaching trying to make things work and he’s looking to her hoping she’ll agree and I’m happy she lets him keep talking to try and explain himself but she finally does let him know that she’s surprised and disappointed but she’s also super classy about it all — even as he tells her in a very Chris Harrison-esque way: “You know, whenever you’re ready. Just take your time.”  Jerk. Waits for her downstairs in the lobby instead of in the hallway. Can’t even help her carry her bags?  Sheesh.

One-on-One Date: Desiree — “Don’t be scared…to fall in love.”

Desiree is the first lady contender to get a second one-on-one date.  Sean realizes that Desiree is questioning his feelings for her, and whether she should even be there.  The duo hikes up Tunnel Mountain for a stunning view of Banff National Forest.  Sean is making her work for her food — they’ll repel down the mountain to a picnic spot.  I feel like we’ve seen a version of this, no? Yes. Yes, we have. But that lady just went home so not to worry aboot that.  (See what I did there?!)

Side note: I think I’ve decided that Desiree looks a bit like Katharine McPhee.  Right? Is that it?  (Speaking of her, SMASH is back — yesss!!!)

During their picnic, they both reassure each other about their own feelings and Desiree says she’s decided to commit to seeing this thing through because she thinks they may have something really special. Sean concurs. And just like a scene straight out of Twilight (minus the spider monkey flying), Sean and Desiree shimmy up a tree.

For their evening entertainment, they’ve got a cozy little bonfire in an awesome teepee.  Love that! So fun.  Des says when she was young her family didn’t have money so she’s lived in a tent (probably not as nice as that teepee), a fifth wheel, a trailer, apartments…she says that money is really not important to her at all.  She says her parents always made it work and looking back she never felt any tension or resentment but that she knew love and putting others first, which is why she’s so humble and just focused on creating a house full of love for her own life.  Sean is impressed.  Boy, is he! Such a perfect answer for him!  Sean tells us that he can see himself proposing to Des.  I think that’s the first time we’ve heard that out his mouth, ey?!?   Needless to say, woman of his dreams Desiree gets the rose.

“I opened up about spending some of my life living in a tent and here I am falling in love in a teepee.”  — Desiree. Best quote ever.

Cocktail Party:

  • Sean says at this point in the game, if he can’t picture a woman raising a family with him, then he can’t keep her here anymore.  Dun dun duun duuuun…
  • Selma feels like she missed out because she didn’t do the polar bear plunge so now she’s going to break her mother’s heart and kiss Sean on national television.  Her family is shamed. I’m sure her cleavage isn’t embarrassing her family at all and that it was the PG kiss that really threw them all over the edge.
  • When Lindsay gets alone time with Sean she tells him up front that there will be absolutely no kissing because apparently that’s all they ever do.  That’s funny.  Sean wants to know something about Lindsay and she says “I sleep naked.”  His response: “I respect that. I won’t argue with that.”  They are goofy and funny and even I’m smiling.  They also can’t help but keep their hands and lips off of each other and end up making out anyway.  Solid effort, you two.
  • AshLee, a self-identified control freak, decides to act out a little trust exercise by bringing a blindfold so Sean can lead her around, a symbol that she’s relinquishing control to him in order to lead their relationship.  Very Fifty Shades, ey?
  • Still seems like Daniella didn’t get any significant alone time.


  • Catherine, the giddy one
  • Lesley, the funny one
  • Desiree, the tree climber
  • Lindsay, the liplocker
  • AshLee, control freak
  • Tierra, crazy freak

Going Home: Selma is “leaving with a heartbreak and a memory” and Daniella feels slighted because she didn’t even have a chance to get to know Sean (which is probably why she’s going home).    

Coming up this season: With six girls left, they’re now off to warmer weather in St. Croix. Hallelujah!  Plane rides, dancing, jumping off boats, falling in love, rolling around in the sand, a tear-filled Tierra crazy freakout/well-executed plan.

What were your favorite moments of the night?


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