Matched Mates

I was just telling the story of meeting and falling in love with Mumbles to someone the other day when I recalled something that his aunt said to us once. She said “people are either a match or they aren’t – opposites may attract but they aren’t a match.”

At the time, this blew my mind. I’m pretty sure the rest of what she said was a very illuminating (albeit one-sided) conversation but I couldn’t get past it: match or no match. Match. No match. That’s it. So simple! I wondered if it was true.

Later, Mumbles and I had reflected on how quickly we each realized we would marry after we started dating.  Call us crazy but it was within a month. Maybe less, but we’d even call that crazy so let’s just say it was a month. Can you believe that?! We were babies! But somehow we knew.


Do you agree that people are either a match or they aren’t?  When did you know your partner was “The One?”

P.S. Mumbles and me circa 2004/2005. Babies!


Splurge vs. Steal: Plus Sign Sheets

I found these awesome plus sign sheets – a classic design that the husband wouldn’t groan over, neutral in color for a guest room, and also is playful enough for a kids room. I pretty much want them on every bed in my house. But at $189 for the set, I just couldn’t. And then whaddya know but Target does it again with this set from their Room Essentials line. The sheets from Schoolhouse Electric are a really versatile army green color while Target’s is a little more modern in black and white. I don’t have the more expensive set so I can’t compare quality but it’s definitely got the look for less factor going on.

I’m sure you have someone left on your Christmas list and let’s be honest, you know you’re going to Target this weekend. So, yeah, go ahead and grab a set for yourself and a spare to share.



Sweet Stuff: November Link Roundup

I didn’t have a lot of links to share last month…did you stumble upon anything great? Score anything fabulous on Black Friday? It might be weird but I oddly really want a Dyson vacuum. Maybe having a lightweight cool one will inspire me to vacuum more? Yeah, probably not.

I have been paying extra attention to these delicious dishes, and I’ve gone all Earth Mama and started making homemade almond milk. It’s insanely yummy.

Lions, tigers, rhinos, giraffes and hippos…in Irvine.

A chocolate shortage? No problem, I’ll just spend the next few years stocking up.

A ten-second French kiss can spread 80 million bacteria between mouths. Ewww.

Text Me Merry Christmas. Oh, Kristen Bell, you’re still my girl crush.

A new Cinderella movie with Helena Bonham Carter as the Fairy Godmother — so magical!


Happy Cyber Monday shopping, and hello December!


Sweet Stuff: October Link Roundup

A waterfall swing. I need one.

Ha. Sarah Silverman on the $500,000 vagina tax.

My skin is so dry and I’m trying to decide between these five new face moisturizers. Recommendations?

I can’t stop watching this video of Declan learning to roar. I can’t help but smile every time. Gosh that kid is cute!

Have you seen #NoahsHalloweenCountdown on Instagram? Too much good stuff.

Kate Spade for Gap Kids. Swoon.

An epic version of God Only Knows featuring tons of your favorite musicians:


P.S. I hate Halloween. What about you? Are you dressing up?


Sweet Stuff: September Link Roundup

Where are all the missing socks? In this dog’s stomach.

Celebrities you didn’t know were married.

The art of carving a pineapple.

The Flying V, reunited.

“We’re two years away from a Sugar Ray shirt being in an Urban Outfitters!” (Confession: I had a huge crush on him when I was young.)

It’s On Us.

The Pantone colors of beer.

The most effective anti-drunk driving PSA – because everyone loves puppies.

A dreamy house in the Hollywood Hills. Swoon.

Why you won’t see baby photos in your doctor’s office anymore.

The One With 236 Seconds:”