Hello, there.  I bet you came here wondering “what’s the skinny on Stick Girl JAM?”  The explanation is simple: my grandfather has called me Stick Girl since I was little and my married initials are JAM.  I am a writer/blogger/marketer, an old soul and a lover of all things love, wine, high heels, hardcover books, and calligraphy.  A craft enthusiast, former Girl Scout and sorority girl, I’m described by friends as “effortlessly fabulous,” my self-proclaimed style is “grandma chic,” and when it comes to relationships my mantra is simple (albeit a bit unromantic): “Life is hard so love shouldn’t be (except on The Bachelor).”  I subscribe to the idea that cheese makes everything taste better and believe the most important thing a woman can do in her life is cultivate relationships with her girlfriends.  My husband, Mumbles, and I live happily in a cozy home on a hillside in Orange County, California, with our so-cute-you-could-just-eat-him-up son Declan and our mischievous (but equally adorable) pup, Baxter.

I look forward to your comments and please feel free to email me at stickgirljam@gmail.com if you’d like to work together, share something sweet, or geek out over Harry Potter.


Jennifer A. Merrett
Stick Girl JAM

P.S. What’s the skinny on The Bachelor Recaps, you ask?  Find out here.


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