The Bachelor – The Proposal and After the Final Rose, season 16

Wow, so hey there, folks.  Sorry about the delay in posting today and especially after such a big night last night…took a while to digest, I guess.  Here’s how it all went down:

Lindzis time with the fam
Ben’s sister and mom are in Switzerland to help him find himself one lucky lady.  Straight out Ben’s sister wants to know right away if by any chance there was a girl everyone hated…and this is somewhat how Ben answers: “well, sister, yes…yes, there was…and she’s still here. It’s Courtney. You’ll meet her tomorrow.” (smile, eye sparkle, hair flip – see that Ben and Courtney, just a match made in Bachelor heaven!)  According to dear ole sister, she does not approve of Ben’s choice in ladies often (so this should be fun).

Lindzi meets the fam first – get the easy part over with right?. She looks very darling in her tweed blazer and boots. Ben compares Lindzi to himself – very country but lives in the city (as well illustrated by her outfit). A complete nervous wreck, Lindzi is visibly and awkwardly anxious the whole time – she’s dropping silverware, throwing silverware, all with a concerned expression giving away that she’s clearly extremely worried about making a bad first impression.  

 Mom interrogates Lindzi a bit but after Lindzi completes her interview, she breathes a sigh of relief after seeing mom smile. Sister says a lot of general one liners about not letting this moment pass by, giving 110%, no regrets, letting guards down. Not very substantial.  And then Sister asks about Courtney and whether Lindzi had similar problems with other ladies. I thought for a second Sister was testing Lindzi to see whether she would speak poorly of her competition, but it seemed a bit like she was just trying to get the juice on the one Ben really likes.”

Mom and sister approve of sweetheart, warm, caring country/city girl Lindzi. Ben is pleased. Sister pats herself on the back about her abilities to gauge someone’s character “and whatnot.

Courtney meets the fam
Before Courtney arrives, Ben anxiously worries about Courtney (in case you haven’t heard: Courtney does not play well with others) because his family is all women. Oops. Fail.  However, Ben is sure that if Courtney is herself (and doesn’t throw silverware) that his family will love her. Sister and Mom get straight into it with Courtney: “so…you’re a model…what’s that like?” which led into Courtney blabbing about not getting along with the other girls.  Good on ya, girlfriend. Great conversation starter.

 “I’m in love with Ben, I won’t hurt him, and he’s in good hands.” -Courtney

 Sister says she’ll just have to take Courtney at her word and trust what she’s saying.  Well, that was sure easy.  It’s a good thing she’s good at gauging someone’s character and whatnot. Courtney tells mom she’s very confident in the connection she and Ben have established.  And dying to know wha they think, Ben is ear-to-ear smile when he learns that Sister and Mom were shocked by their first impression of Courtney. Their consensu: Courtney is amazing. Sister says she’s amazing, Mom says she is kind and she can tell Ben loves her and they seem happy. And who doesn’t want happiness for their children?

Ben spends a few minutes recapping his experiences with the ladies. It pretty much comes down to this: Lindzi is lovely. Courtney has depth. (By “depth” I think he’s referring to depths of craziness of which he has not yet seen. And he’s probably correct.)

Not that anyone asked but Sister picks Courtney. And it’s settled.

Last One-On-One Date — Lindzi
Surprise! Ben picks Lindzi up for their date in a horse-drawn carriage. Get it?! Because Lindzi is the horse chick.  Oh Benny, ever so thoughtful! They take a picnic gondola ride up the Swiss Alps to go skiing. View of the Matterhorn in the background, Lindzi asks Ben if she’s doing okay…has she opened up enough? Did his family like her?  Can you see me in your future? Ben says yes, he has seen their future together. [Sarcastically, Mumbles notes: “ah, yes, those four dates we had…let’s talk about those.”]

Ben and Lindzi talk a lot more about vulnerabilities, opening up, fears. This conversation has been going on Lindzi makes the mistake of saying “however this ends up, I fell in love.” Ben says the way Lindzi loves him is true and good but he doesn’t seem too interested. Clearly looking for some reassurance, Lindzi proclaims how scared she is and Ben’s got nothing to give. Since that didn’t work, Lindzi continues throwing out the “L” word with nothing but Ben’s blank half smile to return her sentiments.  Ouch.

Last One-On-One Date — Courtney
Oh, finally, a helicopter…haven’t seen one of those in over two weeks!  Phew! Flying over the Matterhorn makes Ben’s “Top 10 Coolest Things I’ve Ever Done” list.  There’s a lakeside picnic, lots of baby talk voices (woof), snow angels, sledding, more of Courtney defending her past indiscretions against the other ladies, and then kissing. Oh, and then Ben tells the camera how head over heels in love he is with Courtney.

At her hotel room later on, Courtney talks about being in love, vulnerability, trust issues. Pause for lots of kissing. Come up for air and then Courtney presents Ben with a gift. (note to first-time Bachelor watchers: the last two ladies like to give parting gifts so that their man, seemingly undecided in who he’ll choose, can relish over the past few weeks of their romance – the gushier the better – only to find that in reality they just look sappy and sad when not chosen. Perhaps Lindzi was playing it safe? If this is your first time watching, then this little gift is a surprise. If not, you already know what this is going to be…) A scrapbook. And a sappy love letter which she read aloud. Ben says “that was really nice.” Profound, these two.

Courtney asks Ben if he has any concerns and he says no. Then she ruins the moment by bringing up how hard this was for her, she’s been defending herself this whole time. Fishing for an early “I love you” and last minute consoling and comfort so she’ll feel confident going into the final rose, Courtney is deflated when Ben stands his ground and leaves a bit frustrated, wondering why they are still taking about this same ole thing. I am too.

After a lot of blah blah about both ladies (for details, read recaps 1-10), Neil Lane arrives with a “Heya Ben, nice to see you again!” (because, you know, he’s already met Mr. Lane…the last time he picked out a ring. For Ashley. Oops.).

Both the ladies don their capes and black gowns (seriously, was there a memo about that?!) to meet Ben atop a mountain.  BFOTB and I are secretly wishing this will be like the one time Kasey (“I’ll guard and protect your heart”) was rejected on a two-on-one date and stranded on a glacier. Hah!

Chris Harrison looks a bit sad when we see Lindzi arrive and get out of the helicopter first. Ben can’t get a word out because Lindzi is blabbing away about being there and being excited and being in love. Ben pauses an ominous pause then tells Lindzi that he has fallen in love with her. (Yay!) But. (No!) He needs that love to last a lifetime. And he’s found that love with someone else. (Sad story).  His consolation: “I’m in love with someone else. It didn’t come easy. I’m sorry. Let me walk you out.”

Lindzi says a sad goodbye and tells Ben she wishes she could have given him what he needed. BFOTB and I cringe when Lindzi throws in “if it doesn’t work out, call me.”  It seems pathetic but mostly sad. Sad because she’s sincere and she knows Ben is making a mistake with Courtney and it won’t work in the end.

“It’s difficult to propose to one woman when I have feelings for another.” -Ben

And here’s the grand finale speech:

“You kinda took my breath away there. Might need a sec. What a journey. It’s been an incredible road…ups and downs…real signs of what life could be. I felt like we’ve been on this same path…whenever I’m with you we’ve had these incredible moments. I think you’re an incredible woman. An incredible woman. But, I promised myself that I wouldn’t get down on one knee again if it wasn’t forever. And I want to tell you that you are my forever and this has been worth it every step of the way… Courtney, will you marry me?”

 “Yes, of course I will. I love you so much. I love it [the ring]. I will love you forever.” – Courtney

 Then lots of kissing and the final rose, and Courtney angling to get the best light and camera angle. I can just imagine her thinking “wow, this mountaintop light is really fantastic…I look great” – can’t you?!

After the Final Rose

Ben’s story
Ben informs the audience that for a time while the show was airing, he and Courtney were broken up. His excuse: he did not want to taint the purity of what they had with all of the negativity while the show aired. They didn’t talk for a few weeks.

Stirring the pot a bit, our man Chris Harrison wants to talk about the tabloid rumors and photos of Ben kissing other women. Ben tells Chris that he wasn’t kissing other women and that tabloid fodder is “super messed up.” Which, according to Ben is why Courtney hopped on over to a bridal shop to try on wedding gowns. You know, just to screw with people. Ha!

Courtney’s story
Courtney feels responsible.  This is all very heartbreaking and she’s been very depressed and disappointed. According to her: “Ben was initially supportive and then he abandoned me. I tried to give him space….Yes, we’re together…I think. I don’t really know…I’m really hopeful and positive.”

 Joint Statements from Ben and Courtney

  • Ben says they are in a good place and they’re engaged.
  • Playing the much-needed therapist, Chris asks if Courtney can really, fully trust Ben. No.
  • Chris asks if Ben can honestly look in her eyes and say he’ll stand by her forever. Ben apologizes to her and says he wishes he had been a better man, he loves her, he wants to be with her.
  • They watch the proposal and they are both in tears talking about how soiled that beautiful moment was because everything else around them was tainted but when they are together things are fine.
  • Apparently Chris has been hanging on to the engagement ring and does it belong on Courtney’s finger? Yeah, sure, why not. Cheers.

So what did you think of how this one ended?  How long do you think this will last? Do you see a wedding in the future?

Ashley and JP come out and throw in their two cents about Ben and Courtney, which is really lame. But, they need some press because they may or may not want ABC to pay for their wedding, which they’re hoping will come in the next year, along with babies very soon.  Watch for that, I guess.  

P.S. Stay tuned for Emily’s season, coming in May (and by gosh, it’s sure to be better than this one! Right?!? Let’s all hope so!)


New word: ridicute


ridiculous + cute = ridicute

Inspired by my dear Gold Friend‘s surprise engagement photos, I present to you the word “ridicute,” to be used to describe something that is intolerably darling, precious and pleasing. 

Go ahead and enjoy this new, fabulous word. Use it in a sentence.  Impress your friends and coworkers with its cleverness.  You’re welcome.

The Bachelorette Recap, Final Episode & After the Final Rose

Ashley meets her family at a resort and sits down to tell them about the guys. She says she’s in love and she’s ready to get engaged but can’t make up her mind. I call BS.

JP arrives on the beach with wine in hand, noting a proposal is right around the corner. They need to get out of the sun…everyone is sweating like crazy, which is really unattractive and there’s just one poorly placed umbrella as far as we can see.  Everyone is literally wiping their faces with towels they’re so drenched. Gross. Ashley says she was excited and proud to introduce JP to her family and mom gives a toast to welcome him to the family. Ashley’s sister asks some “tough” questions and later tells Ashley flat out that he’s not the one. Mom says they are “ok” together. Wow, what a reception!  Sister says that Ashley is too much for him and she doesn’t think JP can handle her, being the much older man.  Really? I think he’s in his early 30’s.  Ashley immediately starts crying when she realizes that her sister will like Ben a lot more. I think we have our clear-cut winner.  Ashley just wants people to like her so she’s heartbroken that her mom and sister weren’t wowed by the man she’s fallen in love with (not that she’s said it yet). 

Sister tells JP that she’s very skeptical and “doesn’t see it” between them. JP says that he can’t stop smiling when he’s around her and he’s 100% in love with her. Sister is hung up on JP being so much older and will not be happy if JP proposes. And tells him so.  The clincher: Sister says she saw more between Ashley and Brad. Ouch.

“I just have to figure it out.” -Ashley
“I thought you had it figured out.” -JP
…oooohh!  This really leads me to believe Ashley has been telling JP he’s the one for quite some time, which then gets me really angry on Ben’s behalf because the poor guy is getting strung along.  

Ashley has a sit down with the sister to let her know she is not happy and flat out calls her a bitch. Sister says she is protecting Ashley from herself.  I must interject here and say I am not entertained. But then again, I haven’t been all season so I don’t know why I’m surprised. 

Now it’s Ben’s turn and he brings wine to the party too. He is sweaty, sweaty, sweaty… and not the good kind. Earlier in the show BFOTB proclaims that Ashley reminds her of a jack russell terrier. We find out that Ben has a jack russell named Hopscotch. Ahh, it all makes sense. Ben says he is absolutely in love with her and believes that Ashley is in love with him because nothing is forced between them.  Really? Not like the television cameras and awkward silent moments?

Oh, surprise, surprise, sister is a divorcee. That explains a lot. Sister seems content with Ben.

“Ben should win. But he won’t. Just like every other season when they pick the wrong person.” – BFOTB’s husband via text message

For their last date they take a helicopter ride aroundFiji. Ashley says Ben is perfect for her. They arrive at a healing mud bath and get each other all muddy, which they both proclaim to be very sexy. Later in his hotel suite they toast with champagne as Ben tells Ashley that he got her parents permission to propose to her, and he tells her he is in love with her. They kiss. No tongue. Never any tongue. Not a good sign.

Ashley wraps her legs around Ben and all we notice is the bug bite on her butt. 

Now it’s JP’s turn again and as always, she is looking to him to solve all her problems and she again needs reassurance so they have a somewhat difficult conversation. JP tells Ashley that he is madly in love with her, and already told her whole family. JP asks/warns her not to break his heart. Then there’s lots of making out with lots of tongue and JP unravels Ashley’s sarong like he’s done that before. I’m not surprised.

JP gives Ashley a photo and journal scrapbook. Uh oh, Ben didn’t give her a gift. No tongue, no gift. I think we all know where this is going.

“I get lost in JP; I’m completely infatuated with him.” -Ashley

Ben is meeting with Neil Lane to pick out an engagement ring because his heart is set on proposing. He says it wasn’t hard to pick out a ring. I wouldn’t think it would be if you don’t have to pay for it.

JP puts on pink and goes to make his selection. Neil asks him what he’s going to do if she says no. Haha. But whoa, the ring he chooses is gorgeous.

Ben is the first one to land. Ben is crying talking about losing his father and how happy he is to be adding Ashley to his family.  I am so angry at Ashley for letting him get down on one knee. I am writhing in anxiety. So awkward. Why couldn’t she have cut him off before he got down on one knee and actually proposed? What. A. Jerk. Having to stand back up in shame, Ben leaves angry and she runs after him. Ben doesn’t want her to sugar coat it and informs her that there is no way to leave this situation on good terms.

“Good things don’t end unless they end badly.” – Ben
“JP is a wonderful guy. I’m sure you’ll have a nice life together.” – Ben

Rejects get sent home on a motor boat, not a plane. Write that down. And, salt in an open wound: Ben sees JP’s plane flying overhead and then has to pass by Ashley standing there waiting for JP. Seriously, where is that boat taking Ben? Out to the middle of the ocean?  Getting rejected really sucks.  Hope they put a bottle of booze in that boat for him.

This better be an epic proposal. BFOTB and I both have a dark thought; somewhat hoping JP’s plane takes a nose into the water. It doesn’t.

Ashley and JP exchange “you look great” small talk.  JP starts at the beginning, rehashing what it was like getting out of the limo. Two peas in a pod, JP tells Ashley he is scared she doesn’t love him back but this is his leap of faith.

 “I smile because of you. I am madly in love with you.” -JP

Ashley tells JP she has wanted to tell him for forever that she is in love with him.

He gets down on one knee and says “Ashley, will you marry me?”
She says “yes.”
And cue the music…”I can’t fight this feelin’ anymore…” I told you!
And JP gets the last rose. 

At the end, my favorite part:
Ashley asks something along the lines of “can you believe we’re here?” and JP responds, “When you walked in the first rose ceremony and said ‘my husband is in this room,’ I was like ‘what the f&$@ is she talking about?'” hahah!
Ashley exclaims “It’s you!”

After the Final Rose
Ben says that after he was rejected he had to fly home fromFijistraight to his best friend’s wedding. Ooh…ouch. 

Ashley comes out and Chris asks Ben what he’d like to say. Ben’s response: “Nice ring.” Bahaha!  Man, this guy’s a hoot.  It’s the usual boring stuff…”thanks for helping me get to where I am now” and Ashley saying “he’s such a great guy, I’m always going to respect him.”

Ashley flashes that ring as Chris proclaims that she and JP are still engaged. JP comes out and not to disappoint her declaration that he’s a really great kisser, lays some big smooches on her. Chris asks the “why do you love each other?” questions, “how hard has this been?” …blah blah blah.

Ashley’s sister comes up on stage and apologizes for being so overprotective, exclaiming she’s on Team Cupcake (JP’s nickname) now and she can’t wait to introduce him to her kids and celebrate Thanksgivings and Christmases together. Ashley says “well, uh, Hanukkah.” ha, oh, right, yeah.

Where they’re at now: Ashley is finishing school, and then she’s moving toNew Yorkand they’re getting their own place. And as if that huge ring wasn’t enough, the show is sending them back toFiji. 

Well, I confess I’m glad it’s over. What did you think?  Are you going to watch The Bachelor Pad?  

Looking forward (with hope for a better Bachelor/Bachelorette) to next season. Until then – cheers!

The Bachelor Recap: After the Final Rose, season 15

Let’s skip through the first part where Chris Harrison says pointless, obvious facts and get to Chantal out in the hot seat, reliving the hurt and humiliation that comes with falling in love on reality tv. She confronts Brad about stringing her along, keeping her around because she was fun.  There’s gotta be a winner and a loser for the show to work so it might as well be someone fun, right? She’s very emotional and Brad tries to console her but he’s careful not to do anything to piss off princess Emily backstage. Despite the tears and snot covering her face apparently Chantal is happy with a new man back in Seattle and he’s everything she’s ever wanted. No pressure, dude.

Brad says he is more in love with Emily than he has been in his entire life.  Yay, audience cheers.  Chris breaks the news to the audience that Brad and Emily broke up and have had really hard times, all while almost getting married twice. Boo, audience is very sad and confused. Brad explains that they have a very real relationship and that comes with ups and downs. Chris asks if he considers himself engaged to Emily and he takes a roundabout way to reply that he can’t speak for her but in his eyes “yes.” He seems unsure. That’s even more awkward.  Brad alludes sarcastically to the fact that Emily is not the sweet, Southern Belle that the producers painted her to be on the show.  I believe him. When Emily comes out so do the claws and there are definitely some restrained fighting words whispered back and forth between her and Brad.  I think I see a few eye rolls too. She confirms that it hasn’t been all roses but claims she’s in love, they’re still engaged (Brad is visibly relieved) but she’s not ready to get married (her exact words: “I love you, but noooooo.” Ouch.) and she’s not ready to move Austin right now.  The audience boos loudly (again). Even more awkward.  It’s all a bit confusing. I wonder if they’re already in couples therapy. Actually, I’m a bit surprised his tv therapist didn’t make an appearance. 

Emily says she watched the show and felt like Brad should have picked Chantal because they had so much fun together.  She was a bit of a complainer noting that she would have appeared to be fun and adventurous if she got to go on dates swimming with sharks, which I’m not quite understanding because she won (Brad’s heart) – it’s not like she was sent home and she’s upset she was set up to appear dull. 

Emily cautiously explains that Brad has a bad temper and that’s one of the things he needs to work on before they get married.  She says his family warned her, asking if she’d “poked the bear” yet. She now knows what that means, as both she and Brad fess up to having “knock down, drag out fights” that are “volatile”…geesh, sounds like love to me!  On top of that Emily is seemingly carrying a grudge knowing that Brad said he fell in love early with her, now wishing he would have saved “certain things” just for her.  Ruh-roh.

It seems like they’re in a weird place. I respect them for not coming out and smiling and telling America that everything is all bunnies and sunshine and roses and they can’t wait to get married to just see them split a few weeks later (a la The London Bachelor and his “monkey” fiancée Shayne Lamas).  Clearly they aren’t living together (let alone living in the same city) with no real plans to do so anytime soon, which means they haven’t been given an opportunity to test their relationship out in the real world and also that Brad hasn’t been spending time with Emily’s daughter. And that’s all fine but then it confuses me as to why Brad would talk about wanting to get married while the show was taping or during the ATFR episode.  They never did explain that. More bizarre talk about their possible future wedding and they keep having to look at each other to see if they’re on the same page…or even reading the same book.

Then Chris Harrison brings out Ali & Roberto, Jason & Molly, and Trista & Ryan to keep their Google rank numbers up give them support and encouragement to get through all the tabloid fodder and reality tv to reality transition. I wish that Molly or Jason would have just flat out said “The first step to starting your real relationship would be to move to Austin.” They did the long distance thing too. I’m being honest here (such a Brad thing to say) but no one believes their relationship will last or even be serious unless she moves to Austin.  Not necessarily living with him but at least to be dating seriously and seeing Ricki on a regular basis. 

Chris asks what we’ve all been wondering since she stepped out on stage: why isn’t Emily wearing her ring?  Brad answers by pulling it out of his jacket pocket, telling Emily he’s had it sized to fit her and slips it on her finger.  Aww…it’s either sweet or a “this is a good story so please just go with it” and act like we’re engaged moment.

So, do you think they’ll last?  I hate to say it but I give it 2 months.

No announcement of the next Bachelorette during the show but it’s all over the news today that Ashley H., the artist dentist (nay, dental school student) is the newly recycled cast off that will get another chance to find her dream man. I don’t know why I still keep all my fingers and toes crossed for them to find a fresh one.  Stay tuned, friends, the first episode airs May 23.  Will you watch?

The Bachelor Recap: final episode & proposal, season 15

Brad is reunited with his family in South Africa and starts crying uncontrollably, unable to contain himself enough to sit down.  I chuckle when I see Brad’s twin brother Chad because all I can remember is Brad’s first season when he tricked the girls by having his twin take his place, pretending to be him.  Good stuff.

Brad says he’s falling in love and is 100% considering proposing. His family feigns dramatic shock and emphasizes how much of a new man he is.

Chantal arrives first.  She tells the story of how they fell in love in Costa Rica in the pouring rain running back to the hotel room to…uh, well, just talk for hours…

Wes thinks Chantal clicks with the family and that she’s very attractive and vibrant.  Wes and Chad get some alone time and they tell her that Brad said he is planning on proposing. 

Mom asks what everyone wants to know: “how could you fall in love so quick?”  Chantal says it’s easy to fall in love because of what she went through in her divorce working to find herself, now knowing what and who she wants is what led her to a place where it was easy to fall in love with Brad because he’s everything she wants and needs.

That seems to get the stamp of approval from mom.

Brad says he wasn’t nervous about Chantal but he is a bit on edge about them meeting Emily because of her past. I did notice that Emily didn’t get hugs but Wes explains that Emily seems much more reserved than Chantal.  Then again later Wes, as a parent himself, is concerned about how much it would affect Emily and her daughter to move to Austin.

It gets really emotional around the table as questions unfold in a natural way about how Ricki’s father would feel about Emily and Ricki moving to Texas.  Emily shares her story and there are tears welling up in everyone’s eyes, with a new found respect for Emily and what she’s been through to get here.

Brad reassures his brothers that he welcomes the opportunity to be a father.  His brothers are surprised. Wes says “I left this place yesterday feeling like my brother was ready to be a husband and now I realize that he’s also ready to be a full blown father.”

Mom pulls Emily aside and tells her how much she respects her for being hesitant about letting Brad meet her daughter and also for allowing him to.  Emily expresses her gratitude in meeting Brad and how much of a blessing he’s been to her even in this short time together.  Mom loses it when Emily tells her that Brad is her angel. She knows Emily has had a very difficult time so Brad’s mom is rooting for her, hoping she’ll have a happy ending.

As for the brothers, I know they are on Team Emily too.  I can see the restraint in Chad’s face because he totally wants to blurt out “she’s way hotter, dude!” …trust me. I can see it in his eyes.

 Mom gives her vote on Emily.  Brad says if his mom could pick a woman for him it would be Emily.  At this point it’s in the bag. 

On his date day with Chantal Brad says his family thinks Emily is the one but he’s looking for Chantal to show him she’s the one today.  It’s totally over and I know it when she goes barreling towards him and tries to jump in his arms and he is struggling.  Not romantic, and quite frankly, kinda scary. As my smart friend Matt Prince stated so eloquently on Facebook yesterday, “No matter what decision Brad makes tonight he will be dealing with 50 unexpected lbs…for Emily it’s her daughter, for Chantal it’s the weight she’s gained since the first episode.” It’s true. It also may explain why Brad chose to take Chantal swimming with the sharks. Either he knew they’d go for her meaty body first or he wanted her covered up in a wet suit.  Just like with the snorkeling on their first one on one date, he took her to face her fears and she overcame them for him. 

Chantal gives Brad a map she made showing all the places they’ve been – she says it shows that she has traveled the world for his love.  She also wrote him a mushy love letter – front and back (but not 18 pages, a la Rachel Green).  Brad says it was very sweet.  Chantal says she needs Brad to tell her he loves her. He calls it a night and never said the “L” word so she’s desperately holding onto hope that she’ll hear it the next time they see each other.

Brad’s family chose Emily and he says he is still exploring his feelings with Emily – he needs to feel confident at the end of today. He takes Emily to the Cape of Good Hope via helicopter, naturally. It’s really windy and I’m pretty sure every guy in America forced into watching The Bachelor is sitting on the edge of the couch, eagerly hoping for the wind to blow her short shirtdress up. He tells her that his family really loved her and Emily realizes that she is letting her insecurities get the best of her and it’s all downhill from there.  What seems to be the most serious, real conversation they have and should be having is going disastrously.  Brad seems upset that she’s looking for the reassurance that he’s actually thought about what it will take to become a stepfather. Brad makes it very clear that he wants to be Ricki’s dad and Emily comes back with a lot of warnings that being a parent isn’t always fun or glamorous. Brad is very frustrated.  He asks Emily if she’s ready to let somebody in. She says “not somebody, but you.” It seems as if his anger is getting the best of him so now he’s trying to push the blame onto her for these hesitant feelings.  Emily knows her head is sabotaging her heart and Brad walks away defeated from his night with Emily.

Neil Lane arrives the next morning with the rings for Brad to choose from. Brad picks out a stunning sparkler of rock with a split shank band.

Brad is very confident, excited, scared, and happy about being in love.  The clue to his choosing Emily is when he says he knows he’s in love and he just hopes she loves him back.  I think everyone in America is confident that Chantal loves Brad. 

Chantal, it appears, is doomed to be the first girl out of the limo yet again.  And yeah, that’s sad and all, but all I can think is “Chunky gold shoes with that dress? Really?” 

Brad gives his “you’re so great” speech and then transitions into the “here’s where it gets tough” part and explains that he has stronger feelings for someone else and immediately the tears fly.  Brad tries to reassure her by asking “are you alright?” which at this moment in time is probably the worst thing he could ask. No, Brad, no she’s not alright.  I wish that Chris Harrison would’ve popped out just to say that.  Would’ve been perfect!  Brad continues to tell Chantal that the connection they had was very real and she didn’t do anything wrong. I think Brad might have to call Chantal’s dad and break up with him too. If you’ll remember, they too had quite the connection. Chantal wonders how she could have felt Brad was The One when Brad didn’t even love her. Someone get this woman a gallon of Ben & Jerry’s, stat!

Now that the sad part is over, Brad is all smiles when he sees Emily walking toward him.  It takes him quite a while to get out his rehearsed speech, telling her about a promise he made to himself to take a leap of faith if he found even just a glimpse of love. He says, “And all it took for me was coming here and finding you. You’re it; you’re The One. You’re so much more than a leap of faith. You’re my once in a lifetime.”

And his proposal went like this:

Please give me your forever.
Please let me be your best friend.
Please let me protect you and your beautiful daughter,
And please give me the opportunity to love you for the rest of your life.
I love you, Emily.
(on bended knee)
Please make me happier than I’ve ever been in my life and marry me.”

And she says “I’d love to!” and has to do the awkward bend at the waist to kiss him. She straightens up and he puts the ring on her finger. She says she loves it and it’s perfect.  Cue the montage of their love story unfolded in Bachelor episode clips to the tune of Train’s “Marry Me.”
So, what did you think? Were you rooting for Chantal? Did you know it would be Emily?    How do you feel about them not really dealing with the real issues of what their life will be like together as a family with a daughter?