Homemade Super 8 Films

My sweet friend Amanda sent me a lovely little email note the other day just to ask how I was doing and sent a link to this videographer’s site saying she wishes she could gift this to me. Just her sentiment in thinking of me was gift enough, but I did thoroughly enjoy watching the video.  How special would it be to document a special day, experience or trip by recording it yourself and then handing over the footage to a professional to give back to you in a darling video like this?  Such a treasure.


An Adoption Story

I was so moved by this couple’s story about how they came to decide to pursue adoption. I think it’s so amazing to hear and understand that her heart is in a similar place as mine as Mumbles and I look forward to welcoming our son this fall. And, I just love that they have chosen to adopt locally. How special.

And how awesome is their announcement photo?!

sara lucero adopting announcement

[image via andthatmakesthree.com…congrats!]

Sweet Stuff: Artifact Uprising

Dear Mumbles, if you’re reading this: stop. Thanks. Love you!

Friends, I just ordered some awesome prints and the wood block from Artifact Uprising for Mumbles for Father’s Day. (since the baby’s not here yet, the prints are of Baxter — who else?!)

artifact uprising wood block + prints

I can’t wait to receive them. I think they’ll look great in his office and I also ordered some extra prints of some of my Instagram photos (flowers, details, cityscapes) to be used as postcards and to hang in my office at work.  I really like their suggestion to use prints as postcards or note cards too — consider my office a revolving art gallery now!

The other day I read this blog post about how Artifact Uprising was founded and was particularly taken by these wise words:

Katie’s sage advice to creatives:Creativity on command is the most difficult kind to summon, yet it’s the very art expected from the working creative. So put space between it. Get out there and live a life away from that art, find spaces that widen your world. Let creativity be the symptom of a life well-lived.

P.S. I also plan to buy the wooden box once baby is born and fill it with photos from my pregnancy and keep adding to it with books and prints. so sweet, right?  I’d love to have a little collection of wooden boxes on the shelf to go through. good stuff!

[image via]

It’s A…

Last week, Mumbles and I had the big appointment. You know, the one where you find out if you’re having a boy or a girl. (!) Our ultrasound tech was nice enough to take about 30 photos of this kid so we’ve got a nice little banner display at home now with a bunch of baby’s body parts featured. So tiny!!

So you’re probably wondering…









It’s a BOY!


What a special moment for us.  And, to top it off, it was my dad’s birthday so we were able to celebrate and tell him the news over dinner that evening.  He was a bit disappointed having been absolutely certain that this little babe was going to be a girl but I think he’s over it now.  Ha!  We also had a great little get-together with lots of food, Sprinkles cupcakes, and a few friends and family to share our joy.

Mumbles and I are so excited and also a little relieved. You see, we didn’t really care one way or the other for a boy or girl but in conversations about possible boy names, we immediately agreed on many, whereas the girl names…not.at.all. We have a name in mind that I’ve loved for a long time but haven’t decided for certain yet.  Naming a human is hard!

If you have kids, I’m so curious to know how you decided on the name you chose and if you still like it.

Happy Birthday, Dad!

dad 3Today is my dad’s birthday! He’s such a special guy.  He has a great way of telling a story, laughing really hard when a joke he’s telling is funny, giving caring advice, worrying too much (guess that’s where I get it from, eh?), and maybe the thing I love most about him is that he still walks me out to my car when I leave and stands in the driveway to blow me a kiss as I drive off.  Oh, and sometimes he’ll ask me to drive off slowly and tap my brakes so he can make sure they lights are working properly.  Also that he’s more obsessed with dogs than I am and we both agree that if we win the lotto our plan is to buy a big ranch where we can rescue dogs and let them roam free to run and play and cuddle up on lots of sofas.  Not sure why we both picture a bunch of sofas out in a field soley for the purpose of these dogs to lounge on, but hey, it’s our dream. Don’t judge.

We went to dinner last night to celebrate and I gave him the books I bought him.  Hopefully he’ll have some fun thumbing through them while he’s at home watching old western movies (he’s been doing that a lot lately).

Happy birthday, Dad!

P.S. Today is also the day we find out the gender of the baby!  Dad has unwavering confidence that it’s a girl.  We’ll see if he’s right!