Our Family is Growing!


After keeping mum for months (pun intended) and pinning away on a secret board, I’m so excited to share this happy news with you today, friends…Kevin Mumbles and I are expecting our first child this October! We are absolutely thrilled, and filled with joy and love.

I’ve mentioned that Mumbles proposed in Lake Havasu, a very meaningful place for us which is now even more memorable since we were able to announce our baby on the way to some of our family while there over Valentine’s Day weekend.  So, so special.

I’m a little more than four months along now, feeling great (I’ve been fortunate not to have any morning sickness, although the fatigue of the first trimester was no joke for about 3 weeks. geesh!) and enjoying the magnificence of pregnancy.  And bacon cheeseburgers.  Mumbles and I keep marveling at how blessed we are and how happy, grateful and fulfilled we’re feeling.  (Apparently those pregnancy hormones are no joke either!)  I’m trying to enjoy every part of this experience and we’re really looking forward to all the incredible moments yet to come…finding out the gender, watching my belly grow, choosing a name, getting the nursery ready, giving birth, and holding our baby for the first time.

I’ve been obsessing over baby blogs and product reviews so for all you moms and dads out there, if you have any can’t-live-without-it products to recommend, please leave a comment below to share!

(custom watercolor illustration by Bamee on Etsy)


Baxter — the last three months

Every day when I leave for work my heart breaks a little bit saying goodbye to our boy, Baxter. I can’t help it — he’s just too gosh darn cute! Here’s what our little guy has been up to the past few months…

Finding a new friend in our cream colored shag rug…


Waiting for Mumbles to get home…


Being adorable at my parents’ house…


Causing mischief after pulling a Houdini out of his crate and enjoying an afternoon chocolate snack…


Being adorable at home…


Hanging out with Mumbles in his travel crate in Havasu


A Story About Broccoli

I was making dinner the other night and giggled a little to myself as I cut up broccoli to add in some vegetable stir fry. I was recalling a story my mother and father have both shared with me on a few occasions, a story that makes them smile and laugh every time they remember it too. As it goes, when Grammy (my mom’s mom) married Papa (my mom’s dad) she had come from a very poor family and hadn’t been used to cooking with fresh vegetables. Knowing Papa liked broccoli, she prepared it one evening for dinner but not knowing the proper way to go about it, she’d cut off all of the flowering head and only cooked the stalks! There isn’t a whole lot more to that story other than the charm of knowing that detail and loving her all the more because of her gaffe. I think it’s just darling and though she’s not been with us since I was young, I know Grammy and I would be great friends today (our shared fondness for shoes, clothes and bags as evidence) and until we meet again, I have this story of a memory passed along from people I love, always with a smile.


image via Whole Foods Market on Instagram.

Mommy to Bee Baby Shower

Mommy to Bee Baby Shower.jpg
I have been dying to share this with you and what better time than now, right?  Have you ever really wanted to throw a party? Since my first pin on Pinterest, I’ve been pretty obsessed with bee-themed parties and last summer I was lucky enough to finally bring the idea to life in the form of a Mommy to Bee Baby Shower for my sister-in-law. I had so much fun finding decor and props, and my SIL’s best friend was a wonderful host with a beautiful home, which made planning and putting it all together quite a lovely affair. I think it’s such a sweet, playful theme with lots of details to incorporate like honey, honeycomb shapes, flowers, and beehives.  Perfect for spring or summer showers for brides or moms-to-be, and also a festive theme for birthday parties too!  Here are some insights from the day:

I found some great hive vases in various sizes and colors that tied in the theme with hexagon shapes on sale from west elm, along with this darling beehive cake stand.

hive vases west elm.jpg

Hive Vases from West Elm

These cute honey pots and dippers were great props to use on tables and to hold yummy organic honey hard candies (I found them at Whole Foods, and they’re available online at Soap.com).

honeycomb vase and honey pot.jpg

Honeycomb botanical vase from west elm and honey pot and dipper from Williams-Sonoma filled with Go Naturals Organic Honey Candy

On the food front we had a nice salad bar with various types including pasta, Chinese chicken, green, fruit, and a wild rice to give guests options.

For the drinks, lemonade and individual pink and yellow bottles of Barefoot wine helped guests stay hydrated and happy.  I stumbled upon the mini wines at Rite Aid of all places, and I think BevMo! has great options for cute libations (like the individual Sofia sparkling wine cans that come with straws).

For dessert, beautiful bundt cakes in red velvet and pecan praline from our trusted favorite – Nothing Bundt Cakes – we’re a big hit. I tried the drizzle frosting on one of them to have a varying look to the dessert table and it was just as yummy in frosting-to-cake ratio, and the folks at the shop had the beautiful flowers already on the cakes when I went to pick them up so all I had to do was put them out!

Nothing Bundt Cakes for Bee Shower.jpg

Nothing Bundt Cakes and the Beehive Cake Stand dome (10″ cakes do not fit under that dome; see smooshed frosting)

As a thank you to the lovely women who attended, bundles of flavored honey sticks were wrapped with burlap and a little note that read “thanks for being so sweet!”

bee party favors.jpg

honey stick party favors

A wishes for baby book let guests leave messages for baby and mom, a sweet memento of the day, and during the party guests played a mom/baby animal name game which I’d never played before (and wasn’t very good at), and a guess how many game with Burt’s Bees products as prizes.

As a gift for the mommy-to-bee I made some little yellow pom poms and tied them to a basket filled with bath towels for baby, some onesies (including an adorable peacock one from the bodysuit line at Gap), Burt’s Bees products for mom, and a stack of thank you cards I made to go with the theme.

Mommy to Bee gift basket.jpg

Mommy to Bee gift basket

handmade baby shower thank you cards.jpg

handmade thank you cards

Check out my Baby Love and Party Themes & Ideas Boards on Pinterest for more celebration inspiration.

Is there a theme you are looking forward to using for a party?


Spiders. Gross.

Wouldn’t exactly call spiders my biggest fear but I do really despise them. Weird thing is though, as much as they freak me out, they’re also sort of fascinating.  Maybe it’s because my brother had a rose hair tarantula while we were growing up and (aside from the housekeeper who accidentally knocked over Theresa the Tarantula’s little home one day forcing said housekeeper to scream and barricade the door until someone from the family got home), Theresa was quite gentle and non-threatening.  In fact, my dad used to go so far as to call her “beautiful” and he sure did get a kick out of taking her for “walks” in the backyard.  My dad’s a funny guy. 

For as much as I hate spiders and the alarm and anxiety they cause when I encounter them, you think I’d be all about killing them.  Unfortunately, I just can’t muster up the courage to kill bugs – part crunch factor and part “what if it jumps at me or survives my act of attempted murder and comes after me in full force?” This is especially troubling when Mumbles is out of town and I must resort to finding a can of bug spray/hair spray/anything that will kill it so I don’t physically have to squish it or get within close range.  I’ll never forget living in the sorority house and lying in bed seeing little things dangling from the ceiling (about a dozen baby spiders – gross) and then a few days later sitting at my desk and out of the corner of my eye spotting a furry legged dark spider on the wall.  Just about died of shock, I did.  And what could I do but run downstairs in hysterics begging anyone to come kill it for me, only to be forever traumatized by not finding aforementioned monster when returning to my room?  Sleep with one eye open is right.  Geez.

Here’s another thing about spiders: I’m pretty sure they have a worldwide web (ha! see what I did right there?!) that lets all of them know who their fearful prey are, who they can most easily taunt and torture with their creepy crawly i-have-too-many-legs wily ways.

I’m only saying all this because I discovered a bite on my abdomen which means [I shudder to even think!] there’s probably a spider in my bed. GROSS. Mumbles gets home tonight and you can bet we’ll be fogging our place when we go out of town this weekend.  Eww. 

Here’s another one of AT&T’s great commercials – just picture me playing the part of the demure red head and imagine my dad taking that bad boy of a spider for a walk instead of smashing it into smithereens.