A Story About Broccoli

I was making dinner the other night and giggled a little to myself as I cut up broccoli to add in some vegetable stir fry. I was recalling a story my mother and father have both shared with me on a few occasions, a story that makes them smile and laugh every time they remember it too. As it goes, when Grammy (my mom’s mom) married Papa (my mom’s dad) she had come from a very poor family and hadn’t been used to cooking with fresh vegetables. Knowing Papa liked broccoli, she prepared it one evening for dinner but not knowing the proper way to go about it, she’d cut off all of the flowering head and only cooked the stalks! There isn’t a whole lot more to that story other than the charm of knowing that detail and loving her all the more because of her gaffe. I think it’s just darling and though she’s not been with us since I was young, I know Grammy and I would be great friends today (our shared fondness for shoes, clothes and bags as evidence) and until we meet again, I have this story of a memory passed along from people I love, always with a smile.


image via Whole Foods Market on Instagram.

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