A Few of My Favorite Things: Cobalt Blue

While out walking the other day I saw a vibrant cobalt blue front door and was completely smitten. What a regal, vibrant color! I fear I don’t have enough rooms in my home to devote to an entirely new color, but here are a few of my favorite accessories and home decor items for adding a powerful punch of cobalt blue:



1 | Classic Kettle — Chantal $100
2 | Blue Star Lantern — Save On Crafts $13
3 | Handpainted Bath Accessories — West Elm $4-12 (on sale!)
4 | Stockholm Triangel Rug — Ikea $499
5 |Pillow (for a more muted tone) — Crate & Barrel $32
6 | Staub Coquette — Williams-Sonoma $250
7 | Oval Breadbasket — Williams-Sonoma $49
8 | Bryce Blue Bicycle — Found Rentals
9 | KitchenAid Mixer — Target $299.99
10 | My Bkr in True — Bkr $28
11 | Le Pen (my favorite writing utensil!) — Design Darling $22

Stay tuned for more of my cobalt crush featuring clothes and accessories.


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