Lumberjack Lunch 1st Birthday

Declan the Lumberjack

You guys, my baby is a one year old! I can hardly believe it myself but we have the epic party photos and mountain of new toys to prove it.  It was such a memorable and special day filled with family, friends, lots of good food and fun.  My amazing sister took 497 photos throughout the day, but here are a few of some of my favorite details…

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Happy Birthday, Dad!

dad 3Today is my dad’s birthday! He’s such a special guy.  He has a great way of telling a story, laughing really hard when a joke he’s telling is funny, giving caring advice, worrying too much (guess that’s where I get it from, eh?), and maybe the thing I love most about him is that he still walks me out to my car when I leave and stands in the driveway to blow me a kiss as I drive off.  Oh, and sometimes he’ll ask me to drive off slowly and tap my brakes so he can make sure they lights are working properly.  Also that he’s more obsessed with dogs than I am and we both agree that if we win the lotto our plan is to buy a big ranch where we can rescue dogs and let them roam free to run and play and cuddle up on lots of sofas.  Not sure why we both picture a bunch of sofas out in a field soley for the purpose of these dogs to lounge on, but hey, it’s our dream. Don’t judge.

We went to dinner last night to celebrate and I gave him the books I bought him.  Hopefully he’ll have some fun thumbing through them while he’s at home watching old western movies (he’s been doing that a lot lately).

Happy birthday, Dad!

P.S. Today is also the day we find out the gender of the baby!  Dad has unwavering confidence that it’s a girl.  We’ll see if he’s right!

Birthday Books for Dad

My pops is a hard guy to shop for. The one thing that never disappoints him is shirts with pockets. Sounds simple, but the man has spent his life in pursuit of quality shirts (the right cotton weight, good stitching in the crew neck, appropriate upper arm coverage by way of long enough sleeves) and while there are many makers of fine tees, finding all of that plus pockets is a bit like a really anticlimactic treasure hunt for my family. So for his birthday this year I decided to ditch the shirts and went for something I know he’ll enjoy: dogs. My dad’s two dogs are like children and he dotes on them a lot like Mumbles and I do with Baxter.

I found this awesome book Maggie on Things via A Cup of Jo. And I’d heard of the Underwater Dogs photos but I was delighted to find they’d been made into a beautiful coffee table book. It’s so goofy and fun and the whole story about how the author found fame and his calling — very cool.  I think it’s awesome that both books were never intended to be books at all – they were just a collection of photos on a blog or on a website.  How reaffirming it must be that the thing these people are most passionate about or find simple pleasures in has found a place in the hearts of so many others. Just captivating!


Happy Birthday, Mumbles!

A happy Friday to you, my friends, and a very happy birthday to my dashing husband, Mumbles!  Cheers!


the handwriting on this cake looks a bit like Hagrid’s (a little Harry Potter humor for you cool kids out there…)


Mumbles and I in San Fran where we’ll be celebrating his birthday soon! Can’t wait!