Maternity Photos

A few weeks ago, our talented friends Brandon + Kristin Kidd (maybe you remember them as our awesome wedding photographers??) took us on a little adventure to the Oak Canyon Nature Center (where they were married — such a neat venue!!) near our home (that we’re getting packed up to move out of this weekend — eek!) for a maternity session. Mumbles and I really wanted some photos to document this special time in our lives and it was made even more special having Brandon and Kristin there to share in the joy of yet another huge milestone for us — the anticipation of our first child. Even Baxter was included, which was awesome.

Here are a few of my favorite photos from the day (click on photo to enlarge for slideshow):

Thank you, Brandon + Kristin for blessing us with your talents and friendship!  I sort of want to get prints of all of these and hang them up in our new house but a shrine to my pregnancy might be a little weird.  Maybe I’ll just pick a select few, which will be hard.  I adore all the black and white ones.

If you’re in the market for an incredible wedding photographer, Brandon Kidd Photography is always my first recommendation. Brandon and Kristin are simply delightful people and they do genius work behind the lens to truly capture photos that you’ll cherish forever.

Beach Day

For how close we are to the beach, we don’t get there too often. But ever since Baxter discovered sand crabs on the beach in Virginia, he’s loved playing in the sand and waves.  Mumbles and I had a rare day to do nothing at all last weekend so we leisurely got ready, got in the car and headed to Huntington Beach.  We didn’t realize the US Open was going on until we got there and couldn’t find parking but we lucked out driving around and found a super cute sidewalk cafe called Sit Stay Cafe where Baxter got lots of love from strangers and the employees, who even brought him out a doggie treat for breakfast while we enjoyed our meal.  Dog people are the best people, I think.  Especially at the beach.

After a yummy breakfast (and delicious coconut coffee – my fave!) we eagerly headed over to the dog beach and let Baxter roam free — look how happy he is!


For some reason, Baxter loves to roll around in the sand. I think maybe when he gets wet, he thinks that, like carpet after a bath, if he rolls around in sand it will help him dry off faster?  All it does is leave him looking like Davy Jones in Pirates of the Caribbean. Right?? 

Here’s the dirty mongrel we had to take home to bathe!  (and my super frizzy hair — this is why we can’t live near the beach. I’d be a mess all the time!)


Happy Friday!


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Sweet Stuff: Artifact Uprising

Dear Mumbles, if you’re reading this: stop. Thanks. Love you!

Friends, I just ordered some awesome prints and the wood block from Artifact Uprising for Mumbles for Father’s Day. (since the baby’s not here yet, the prints are of Baxter — who else?!)

artifact uprising wood block + prints

I can’t wait to receive them. I think they’ll look great in his office and I also ordered some extra prints of some of my Instagram photos (flowers, details, cityscapes) to be used as postcards and to hang in my office at work.  I really like their suggestion to use prints as postcards or note cards too — consider my office a revolving art gallery now!

The other day I read this blog post about how Artifact Uprising was founded and was particularly taken by these wise words:

Katie’s sage advice to creatives:Creativity on command is the most difficult kind to summon, yet it’s the very art expected from the working creative. So put space between it. Get out there and live a life away from that art, find spaces that widen your world. Let creativity be the symptom of a life well-lived.

P.S. I also plan to buy the wooden box once baby is born and fill it with photos from my pregnancy and keep adding to it with books and prints. so sweet, right?  I’d love to have a little collection of wooden boxes on the shelf to go through. good stuff!

[image via]

Instagram photos: Flora

Instagram makes me feel like I’m a legitimate photographer.  I’m not.  But! I am lucky to work in a beautiful, inspiring place centered around personal and creative renewal with deep connections to nature, and most days I get out of my office and snap some photos while I walk around.  I also annoy Baxter on most of our morning walks when I make him stop so I can snap a few photos. 

April showers bring May flowers, right?  Well, here are some favorites that I’ve snapped:

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Inspired by: street art

While doing some of my internet perusing (gotta stay fresh – I’m known in certain circles for my internet prowess!), I came across this post about popular street art from 2011 (okay, yeah, not so fresh). But wow! Full of impressive and extremely creative transformations (albeit, there are definitely some super creepy ones in there too – like zombie people rising up from puddles in the street…gross), this collection from Street Art Utopia is sure to inspire and delight. Wouldn’t you just love to happen upon some of this on a walk through your neighborhood this weekend?!

I adore that crochet tree and would love to be reading a book underneath it right now (Hunger Games, anyone?!), I need one of those clothespin statues somewhere in my life, the pacman is super cute and clever, and that electrical box made to look like an apartment building reminded me of the scene from Men In Black where we discover our world is kept inside a locker.  Click here to see more of these fantastic photos (creepy ones included), and if you click through to learn more about any of them, you’ll stumble onto other sites that you can get lost in for hours [true story].

Doesn’t all that awesomeness just make you want to go out and find something ugly so you can pretty it up? Good, then it’s not just me. Go forth and make something pretty today, my friends!

Meet Baxter

Our nameless new dog quickly stole our hearts and our household is forever changed. I’m routinely getting up early for walks, talking to the dog like he’s a person, and the matter of canine bathroom behavior is a regular topic of conversation. Definitely gearing up for parenthood, I’d say, and a whole new level of connection with my dear Daddy who really quite seriously treats his two pups like toddlers. It’s adorable and makes you want to roll your eyes all at the same time. And now I’m one of those people, too.

So, now our happy house is home to three, including our darling, mischevious pupster, Baxter.  Here’s what we know so far about Baxter:

  • likes to make chase after bunnies and birds.
  • aforementioned behavior has given us quite the scare a few times over, as we believe Baxter to be a runner.
  • because of above point, Baxter is now microchipped.
  • looks way better shaggy than he does groomed.
  • does not understand “sit,” “stay,” “come,” or any other regular dog command.
  • also, much to our disappointment, does not understand Spanish.
  • favorite ways to be entertained: running up and down stairs, chewing toys, stealing towels, pawing away at a rolls of toilet paper, eating toilet paper, pulling trash out of trash cans, army crawling across grass, watching traffic go by.