Happy Spring 2013

Happy First Day of Spring! As it usually is, our California weather didn’t quite get the memo and I’m all bundled up today but then, I’m always cold. Our very pleasant winter has brought us some gorgeous blooms and flowers. I’m certainly not a green thumb, but I’ve been inspired lately and have asked Mumbles to put some new plantings for our front yard area on his “honey do” list. Here are just a few snaps I’ve taken recently near home and at work…







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Instagram photos: Flora

Instagram makes me feel like I’m a legitimate photographer.  I’m not.  But! I am lucky to work in a beautiful, inspiring place centered around personal and creative renewal with deep connections to nature, and most days I get out of my office and snap some photos while I walk around.  I also annoy Baxter on most of our morning walks when I make him stop so I can snap a few photos. 

April showers bring May flowers, right?  Well, here are some favorites that I’ve snapped:

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