Beach House Reflections

Mumbles and his business partners rented a gorgeous beach house in Newport Beach for the week leading up to New Year’s as a way to celebrate their 5 year business anniversary. It’s been a pretty amazing place to end to 2013, reflect upon these last few years both personally and professionally, and get excited about what’s in store for our future. It will be a hard year to top; I started a new job, we celebrated three years of marriage, vacationed in Grand Cayman for a childhood friend’s wedding, bought a new home and fully renovated it (while 9 months pregnant), and welcomed our first child.


Here’s to a happy, healthy 2014 full of wonder and excitement. Cheers!


Beach Day

For how close we are to the beach, we don’t get there too often. But ever since Baxter discovered sand crabs on the beach in Virginia, he’s loved playing in the sand and waves.  Mumbles and I had a rare day to do nothing at all last weekend so we leisurely got ready, got in the car and headed to Huntington Beach.  We didn’t realize the US Open was going on until we got there and couldn’t find parking but we lucked out driving around and found a super cute sidewalk cafe called Sit Stay Cafe where Baxter got lots of love from strangers and the employees, who even brought him out a doggie treat for breakfast while we enjoyed our meal.  Dog people are the best people, I think.  Especially at the beach.

After a yummy breakfast (and delicious coconut coffee – my fave!) we eagerly headed over to the dog beach and let Baxter roam free — look how happy he is!


For some reason, Baxter loves to roll around in the sand. I think maybe when he gets wet, he thinks that, like carpet after a bath, if he rolls around in sand it will help him dry off faster?  All it does is leave him looking like Davy Jones in Pirates of the Caribbean. Right?? 

Here’s the dirty mongrel we had to take home to bathe!  (and my super frizzy hair — this is why we can’t live near the beach. I’d be a mess all the time!)


Happy Friday!


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