The BFOTB & The Bachelor. How it all came to be.

Before we get to this week’s recap I just have to share that this all started because BFOTB Ashley and I would love to get together each week to catch up, drink wine, have dinner, and revel in the awkwardness that is each episode of The Bachelor.  We started giving participants fun nicknames then writing down memorable quotes to share on Facebook, and soon therafter we escalated into full blown summaries and high/lowlights of each episode.  Well, it seems others are beginning to see just how fun watching The Bachelor can be!  Take this drinking game from Reality Fishbowl, for example. Absolutely hilarious.  My personal fave requires two shots anytime Chris says something that’s completely obvious.  As in, “Brad, girls, this is the last rose…”  Don’t play, though.  You don’t stand a chance. 

BFOTB has been across the pond in London these past two weeks making my solo Bachelor watching and recapping a little less fun. I look forward to welcoming back her witticism next week!

If this is your first time on this blog and you want to catch up on the first three episodes this season you can read them here, here and here.  We love hearing your thoughts on the show so feel free to leave comments!



16 thoughts on “The BFOTB & The Bachelor. How it all came to be.

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