Where to Buy Baby Clothes

I fell in love with this Jesus Saves, Bro shirt from Riley Clay Designs on Etsy (found via @modernminiresale and promptly ordered one for Declan in 12-18 months which he won’t be able to wear for a long while but I just can’t get over how cute he’s going to look waddling around in it learning to walk…I digress…) and came to learn that she sometimes sells goof up shirts like the one pictured below (@shoprileyclay on Instagram). Like I care that there’s a tiny white ink mark on the sleeve?  Honey, that thing is gonna be covered in spit up in no time!  Givvidame!  Also, her “Embrace Messy Hair” shirt for little ladies is adorable for moms who are just keepin’ it real. Another one on my list to buy? This Man Cub shirt and the Cali Cub tee, but I’m hoping to score them second hand because they’re pricey.  Oh boy am I in trouble if Mumbles is reading all this….

Ain't Nobody Got Time for That Tee via Riley Clay Designs @shoprileyclay on Instagram

Ain’t Nobody Got Time for That Tee via Riley Clay Designs @shoprileyclay on Instagram

It’s probably not a surprise that I went crazy on the after Christmas sales at BabyGap.com (puhlease, I don’t leave the house anymore. Remember this disaster?) and JC Penney.  JC Penney??? Yes: JC Penney.  That Joe Fresh line has too much good stuff, I tell ya!  With the exception of the top gray sweater (H&M) and the white and blue pullover (from an Instagram shop), everything in the photo below is Joe Fresh.  That red & black buffalo check coat? $12. For realsies.

StickGirlJAM where to buy cute baby boy clothes

Other favorite brands to shop for baby are Peek, PrefreshSovereign Code (all available at Nordy’s), H&M and Zara — those gosh darn leggings are just toooo good! The J.Crew baby line is growing slowly but it’s still too expensive.

Where are your favorite places to shop for the bambinos?  Find more of my favorite little man styles on Pinterest

P.S. What are your thoughts on Freshly Picked moccasins?  I know, I know. They’re totally adorable and chic. But, come on! They’re $60! I want this pair but I just can’t knowing Declan will only be in them for like 15 minutes and then he’ll grow out of them. I’ll probably cave and get him a pair for Christmas this year. What do you think? Have ’em? Love ’em? 


Instagram Shops for Baby Clothes (& How it All Works)

stickgirljam instagram shopping for baby clothes.jpg

My haul from @whatoliverwears on Instagram

If you follow me on Instagram, you’ve probably seen that sometimes I go a little crazy buying clothes for Declan.  Aaaand if you read my post about Poshmark perhaps you’ve noticed that I like finding ways to shop without having to actually go shopping (more on my weekend mall shopping disaster later this week)…so now, I introduce to you: Instagram shops!  Mamas out there are cleverly selling their gently used baby and toddler clothes (and sometimes stuff still in tags that they forgot about or didn’t fit!). Genius. Plus, it makes couch shopping so easy, because — let’s be real — you’re checking Instagram like every hour anyway, right?

Here are a few of my favorite Instagram shops for baby clothes:
@modernminiresale‘s son Decker is so stylish.
@shopwrightbros will start posting once she gets to 300 followers.
@olliepopshop puts together the cutest outfit ensembles that you can buy as a bundle. Gotta be real quick, though!

If you’re looking for more shops to follow (because clearly I’m more interested in boy items and maybe you aren’t), you’ll notice that mamas on Instagram know to help others is to help themselves and they often cross-promote each other’s shops by re-gramming swoon-worthy outfits and such (a “share for share,” if you will). So, it makes it easy to find more shops to follow if you’re looking to go overboard like me.

Sound fun and want to get started? It’s easy peasy. Just get set up through PayPal and be the first to comment on an item with your PayPal email address to win.  Let me be the first to warn you, though, sometimes the competition is fierce. Like crazy fierce. So start doing thumb exercises. I’m tellin’ ya, quick fingers is the key! Here are some other tips for Instagram shopping:

  • Take note of the size of the item and price, and whether or not it includes shipping.
  • Most sellers will give you a discount if you bundle multiple items into one order and sometimes will take off $1 or more if you share their post on your feed, alerting your followers to their sale (they’ll announce this if they do).
  • While some items go very quickly – like, less than one second after it’s posted – other items don’t sell as quickly. In these cases, it’s totally appropriate to make an offer to a seller. Leave your email address and your offer and see what they say. Just don’t be a jerk about it.
  • Be a backup! If you see that someone has already beat you to an item, you can still leave your email address as a backup in case the other buyer falls through. You never know!
  • If you have a questions about an item, leave your email address first and then the question in a separate comment since it will likely take you longer to type it out. The seller should honor you as the winner and answer your question later on after they’re done posting.  If you decide to pass on the item, let the seller know promptly so it can go to the backup.
  • When a shop seller gives warning that they’ll be posting soon, take a minute to type out your PayPal email address and copy it so when something you want pops up in your feed (refresh refresh refresh!), you can simply press paste to claim your victory.

Do you have any favorite Instagram shops?

Plum Pretty Sugar Goodness

A few weeks before Declan was born, I received the most gorgeous floral print robe from the lovely team at Plum Pretty Sugar as a gift to wear in the hospital. What a surprise! I can’t think of a better gift to give an expecting mom to make her feel beautiful while walking the halls of the hospital trying to get that baby out. I should know since I was doing laps in that place like it was a Nascar race. Did I mention 27 hours of labor?!


Paired with a set of soft socks (the kind with non-slip bottoms would be best) or slippers, it would make for such a thoughtful baby shower gift – something for mom amidst all the baby gear and onesies or as a Welcome Home gift with one of their PJ sets to make her comfortable and feel pretty (instead of the haven’t-showered-in-three-days mess she’s likely to be after the little one arrives). I’ve been wearing my robe around the house way more often than I thought I would. No one tells you how often your boobs will be out after you have a baby if you’re breast feeding. I mean, it’s kind of assumed, I know, but it was still a bit comical to me in our new home, hoping we don’t have nosy neighbors. Normal tops and shirts, especially in those first days, are such an annoyance because you’re constantly having to take them off, pull them down, and move them out of the way so baby can get in there and get some food. All the time. The robe is perfect for covering up modestly, beautifully and quickly when you have friends and family stopping by to meet the babe. Or, in my case, contractors working around your house. With that same convenience in mind, the PJ set cleverly comes with a button-down top to make nursing easy.


The robe they sent was impressively packaged making it such a delight to open. I plan to give a few as gifts myself to the special mamas-to-be in my life and if you’ve got a lovely lady on your shopping list this season, be sure to take advantage of the promotions they’ve got going on.  This week the gals at Plum Pretty Sugar are making life easy (especially for those of us running out of time to order and get those gifts wrapped!) with free priority shipping.  Use code HOLIDAYSHIPPING at checkout to have your shipping refunded, valid Dec. 9-15. They’ll have another delightful offer for you next week so do connect with them on Facebook or Instagram, or visit the Plum Pretty Sugar website for robes, loungewear and accessories in stunning, color-rich prints. They even have robes for little ladies! Too much good stuff.

Plum Pretty Sugar sent the beautiful kimono robe as a maternity gift. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

Splurge vs. Steal: Silver Metallic Oxfords

I’ve been holding out for just the right pair of oxfords and while I love the look of a tan or cognac leather that will only get better with time (style stolen from the men’s section), I also love the idea of something that stands out a bit more.  I’ve had my eyes on these J. Crew beauties, but the price tag is a bit much.  I’m sure the quality is fantastic, though. I could live in my bronze  J. Crew loafers — they’re the first shoes I go to in the morning but since these are such statement shoes, I don’t know that I’d wear them as often (though, they’d spark up just about any outfit if you’re looking for a good excuse to splurge!).  Luckily, the other day my friend Kacee from Life With Lipstick On (you may also know her as the beauty genius of Kacee Geoffroy Makeup Design) was featured on Inspired by This and included a similar pair from Zara for about one-third of the price! Yahoo!

In any case, here are two darling choices if you’re in the market for some shiny new soles:

jcrew mirror metallic oxfordMirror Metallic Oxford | J. Crew
zara silver metallic oxfordPatent Blucher | Zara

Oh, Overalls

So, apparently overalls are making a comeback.  Not kidding!  I’m all for the vintage/retro attire but I don’t quite know how I feel about overalls. Certainly they’re cute and easy to wear. Very spring and summery.  I think it’s perhaps that I still cringe recalling wearing very over sized overalls from Gap back in middle school and high school. With a tube top.  Very classy, I know.  But this pair from Topshop seems pretty unassuming for casual Saturdays out running errands or picnicking in the park.  Don’t forget your white Keds!

topshop overalls

What say you about overalls? Love ’em or hate ’em?

Sweet Stuff: My Closet on Poshmark

In an effort to totally declutter (nesting much?!?) my closet, I’ve started listing a bunch of items on Poshmark. If you’re not yet obsessed with Poshmark like I am, sorry to be the one to make you less productive slash obsessively check your phone and buy things you don’t really need because they’re such a good deal. But there it is…enjoy!

I figure it’d be nice to make a few dollars if I can (most of the items listed are under $20 with just a few exceptions. I’m definitely open to all offers and if this stuff doesn’t clear out in a month or two, I’ll likely be taking it to Goodwill anyway. So, check out my closet, peruse around, and start adding your favorites to your collection of likes.

Happy Shopping!


P.S. Do you have items from your closet listed on Poshmark?  Or, are you specifically on the hunt for a particular item?  I found this amazing red J.Crew bag that I can’t get out of my head!

Sweet Find: Mrs. Pomeranz on Etsy

Meet Mrs. Pomeranz.  Well, she isn’t a she, but a lovely group of dress makers in Moscow, including two sisters, who make gorgeous dresses and skirts based on classic 50’s silhouettes. Swoon!!  Noting influence and inspiration of their grandmothers who were talented seamstresses, here’s the story of how they got started making dresses:

“I discovered Russian shawls when I was 5: my grandmother had a beautiful shawl from Pavlovo-Posad. It was green with beautiful orange lilies, red roses and bluebells on a vibrant green background. I adored this shawl and attempted to make my first dress with it: my grandmother was’t happy. So this is the second try. I hope you like it!”

If I was made of money, I’d have one of every dress. This one is my absolute favorite:

mrspomeranz woolen shawl flower dress


But this one made with Liberty fabric comes in a very close second:

mrspomeranz liberty art dress


I also adore this one; it reminds me of Alice & Wonderland!

What are your favorite Etsy shops?