Plum Pretty Sugar Goodness

A few weeks before Declan was born, I received the most gorgeous floral print robe from the lovely team at Plum Pretty Sugar as a gift to wear in the hospital. What a surprise! I can’t think of a better gift to give an expecting mom to make her feel beautiful while walking the halls of the hospital trying to get that baby out. I should know since I was doing laps in that place like it was a Nascar race. Did I mention 27 hours of labor?!


Paired with a set of soft socks (the kind with non-slip bottoms would be best) or slippers, it would make for such a thoughtful baby shower gift – something for mom amidst all the baby gear and onesies or as a Welcome Home gift with one of their PJ sets to make her comfortable and feel pretty (instead of the haven’t-showered-in-three-days mess she’s likely to be after the little one arrives). I’ve been wearing my robe around the house way more often than I thought I would. No one tells you how often your boobs will be out after you have a baby if you’re breast feeding. I mean, it’s kind of assumed, I know, but it was still a bit comical to me in our new home, hoping we don’t have nosy neighbors. Normal tops and shirts, especially in those first days, are such an annoyance because you’re constantly having to take them off, pull them down, and move them out of the way so baby can get in there and get some food. All the time. The robe is perfect for covering up modestly, beautifully and quickly when you have friends and family stopping by to meet the babe. Or, in my case, contractors working around your house. With that same convenience in mind, the PJ set cleverly comes with a button-down top to make nursing easy.


The robe they sent was impressively packaged making it such a delight to open. I plan to give a few as gifts myself to the special mamas-to-be in my life and if you’ve got a lovely lady on your shopping list this season, be sure to take advantage of the promotions they’ve got going on.  This week the gals at Plum Pretty Sugar are making life easy (especially for those of us running out of time to order and get those gifts wrapped!) with free priority shipping.  Use code HOLIDAYSHIPPING at checkout to have your shipping refunded, valid Dec. 9-15. They’ll have another delightful offer for you next week so do connect with them on Facebook or Instagram, or visit the Plum Pretty Sugar website for robes, loungewear and accessories in stunning, color-rich prints. They even have robes for little ladies! Too much good stuff.

Plum Pretty Sugar sent the beautiful kimono robe as a maternity gift. All thoughts and opinions are my own.


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