I’ve Been Busy…Buying

Lately, I’ve been buying a lot of stuff. A lot. What can I say? I’m in a good mood, it’s spring and I love clothes.

A lovely lady I know named Lyndzee (I love alliteration!) has fabulous style and is an incredibly impressive thrift shopper. Lucky for me (and you, though I’d rather you not like her stuff so that I can keep scooping up her fun pieces without as much competition), she has started selling some of her finds on Instagram in a lovely shop called Thrift Archaeology. It’s been quite fun following her posts, albeit a bit distracting as I anxiously refresh my Instagram feed all day. Last week I was the lucky winner of this plaid skirt, this vintage bag, and an amazing beaded cocktail dress that I cannot wait to wear! So excited. And feeling the buzz of finding good thrifted clothes but not actually wanting to go out and hunt myself (though it is one of my favorite things to do), I hopped on over to Etsy and discovered a darling vintage shop called secretlake, which just so happened to be having a moving sale with all the merchandise marked down 30%…yay! I picked up this fabulous cobalt dress (you know how obsessed I am with cobalt. see here and here) and this wool coat (what I like to call “grandma chic”…read: totally my style).

But I haven’t just been thinking of myself! My mom loves to wear lace tops with skirts to work — they’ve gotta be comfy and simple like throwing on a t-shirt but chic enough to look like a smarty pants at the office. I got her two from Banana Republic, though I’ve also been swooning over this one from Madewell (found via DesignLoveFest).

And, wait, there’s more.

I haven’t just been buying clothes. I promise. I bought my Dad some awesome dog books for his birthday, I got my mom some lipstick in a totally fierce shade (which I’ll wrap up with those blouses for mother’s day just around the corner), and picked up some of my favorite loose mineral powder (which now reminds me I need to invest in new makeup brushes…).

Lastly–and maybe my favorite–I scored an awesome dresser on Craigslist that is in such great shape I can hardly believe it. The guy I bought it from said it’s been in his family since the early 60’s! Love it. It needs to be cleaned up a bit but I think I’m going to keep it just as it is for now before I do anything drastic like painting it.  It’s made of real wood (read: it’s heavy), has a beautiful color tone and wood grain, original hardware with an awesome patina, dovetailed drawers, and the larger drawers have built-in wood dividers which I think are just so neat. I was going to say “they definitely don’t make furniture like they used to!” but that’s probably not true. I bet a lot of places and people make furniture of such great quality, it’s just I can’t afford any of it. Thank heavens for Craigslist, right?

Here’s a closeup of the hardware and details…

vintage craigslist dresser.jpg



P.S. How quickly I forget…I also bought this adorable dress from Madewell and wore it to a bridal shower on Saturday. The colors are so pretty and it fits like a dream. Even the girls at Anthropologie asked me where I got it when I stopped in to buy the bride a gift. Best compliment ever, I’d say.  And I’m super excited for our trip to Havasu in two weeks so I splurged on this gorgeous paisley swimsuit top from my favorite, J.Crew (found via A Cup of Jo). Goodness me, that’s a lot of stuff I’ve been buying.  Please don’t judge me. And don’t tell Mumbles. 😉

madewell silk floral dress.jpg

The Lip Slip

I’ve mentioned The Lip Slip by Sara Happ before (see here).  It’s universally flattering because it doesn’t really have a color but somehow manages to bring out the natural flush of your lips plus adds a bit of iridescence (read: not glitter) plus it’s shiny but not sticky and makes my lips feel super soft and lovely.  After I became obsessed myself, I got it for all my lovely lady friends for Christmas one year in my own version of Oprah’s Favorite Things, though it by no means compared to Oprah’s (sigh…), especially because I think this was all I got them.  But hey, out of all of my favorite things, I chose this one thing. That’s saying something!

The little tub of magic comes delightfully packaged in a darling gold box that’s perfect for gifting, and while it’s not cheap if you think about it like a lip balm, it’s not too expensive if you think about how often I use it (every day) and how long it lasts (a long time).  I leave my little pot of Lip Slip out on my vanity so I can smear some on every morning but having something a bit more travel friendly is always nice.  Say hello to the Lip Slip in a tube! It’s absolute perfection! I just ordered from my favorite site Soap.com (in the beautybar.com section but same checkout, same website…super convenient) and it arrived two days later. Can’t beat that. Unless you use one of their awesome coupon codes. Then it’s better. Also, it’s made locally in So Cal.  Good, pretty stuff. I love it.


Do you have a favorite lip gloss/stick/balm you wear every day?

P.S. I tried leaving a review on the BeautyBar website and it’s not showing up.  Seriously, I never leave reviews (ain’t no one got time for that, right?) so I’m a bit disappointed because this is my all-time favorite beauty product. End of rant.

Splurge vs. Steal: Tassel Keychains

I couldn’t stop thinking about this darling little tassel (found via) as a new accessory for my new cobalt blue handbag.  But, at $32 a pop for such a small accessory, I figured the bag was fine on its own.  That is, until I saw yesterday that Brickyard Buffalo (I almost wrote Blue Buffalo — that’s the dog food we feed our boy, Baxter. Ha!) has a nifty little sale on similar-looking accessories for only $3.49!  What!!  I bought six.  I couldn’t decide which color would complement cobalt best so I scooped up all the ones I liked most (moss, watermelon, mint, poppy, mustard and rust) and figured I could swap them out or give the rest away as gifts.

The Brickyard Buffalo deals usually sell out before the deals end so be sure to grab one (or six) while you can, otherwise, splurge a bit on the gorgeous Blair Ritchey tassel keychains, which come in small and large sizes — they’re a perfect little bit of flair for wallets, clutches, handbags, backpacks, keychains, duffels and more!

svs tassels

Happy Friday!


[images via Brickyard Buffalo – Little Fellows Shop on Etsy and Blair Ritchey]

Harry Potter Peacock Wedding Dress

If you know me, you know two things about me: I am obsessed with Harry Potter and peacocks.  So, dare I ask how I did not know about this?!?!

I saw this image on Facebook via Mugglenet, a website for Harry Potter fans (don’t judge me), and it’s probably a really good thing I didn’t find out about this four years ago or you probably would’ve seen me walking down the aisle in it instead of what I actually wore.


(image via)