The Lip Slip

I’ve mentioned The Lip Slip by Sara Happ before (see here).  It’s universally flattering because it doesn’t really have a color but somehow manages to bring out the natural flush of your lips plus adds a bit of iridescence (read: not glitter) plus it’s shiny but not sticky and makes my lips feel super soft and lovely.  After I became obsessed myself, I got it for all my lovely lady friends for Christmas one year in my own version of Oprah’s Favorite Things, though it by no means compared to Oprah’s (sigh…), especially because I think this was all I got them.  But hey, out of all of my favorite things, I chose this one thing. That’s saying something!

The little tub of magic comes delightfully packaged in a darling gold box that’s perfect for gifting, and while it’s not cheap if you think about it like a lip balm, it’s not too expensive if you think about how often I use it (every day) and how long it lasts (a long time).  I leave my little pot of Lip Slip out on my vanity so I can smear some on every morning but having something a bit more travel friendly is always nice.  Say hello to the Lip Slip in a tube! It’s absolute perfection! I just ordered from my favorite site (in the section but same checkout, same website…super convenient) and it arrived two days later. Can’t beat that. Unless you use one of their awesome coupon codes. Then it’s better. Also, it’s made locally in So Cal.  Good, pretty stuff. I love it.


Do you have a favorite lip gloss/stick/balm you wear every day?

P.S. I tried leaving a review on the BeautyBar website and it’s not showing up.  Seriously, I never leave reviews (ain’t no one got time for that, right?) so I’m a bit disappointed because this is my all-time favorite beauty product. End of rant.


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