Splurge vs. Steal: Tassel Keychains

I couldn’t stop thinking about this darling little tassel (found via) as a new accessory for my new cobalt blue handbag.  But, at $32 a pop for such a small accessory, I figured the bag was fine on its own.  That is, until I saw yesterday that Brickyard Buffalo (I almost wrote Blue Buffalo — that’s the dog food we feed our boy, Baxter. Ha!) has a nifty little sale on similar-looking accessories for only $3.49!  What!!  I bought six.  I couldn’t decide which color would complement cobalt best so I scooped up all the ones I liked most (moss, watermelon, mint, poppy, mustard and rust) and figured I could swap them out or give the rest away as gifts.

The Brickyard Buffalo deals usually sell out before the deals end so be sure to grab one (or six) while you can, otherwise, splurge a bit on the gorgeous Blair Ritchey tassel keychains, which come in small and large sizes — they’re a perfect little bit of flair for wallets, clutches, handbags, backpacks, keychains, duffels and more!

svs tassels

Happy Friday!


[images via Brickyard Buffalo – Little Fellows Shop on Etsy and Blair Ritchey]