Harry Potter Peacock Wedding Dress

If you know me, you know two things about me: I am obsessed with Harry Potter and peacocks.  So, dare I ask how I did not know about this?!?!

I saw this image on Facebook via Mugglenet, a website for Harry Potter fans (don’t judge me), and it’s probably a really good thing I didn’t find out about this four years ago or you probably would’ve seen me walking down the aisle in it instead of what I actually wore.


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iPhone case: the ultimate accessory.

Skull Candy Aviator iPhone Case

Ah, Friday…nothing like a little retail therapy to kick off the weekend!  A friend came over the other day and I was majorly obsessed with her aviator-inspired iphone case (see left). Seriously, how cool is that?!

I need it.

I’m usually a one case kinda gal when it comes to my phone, much like I am with handbags. I love purses but I’ve never been the type to switch it up based on my outfits or mood (probably because I’m a bit of a Mary Poppins with a large bag full ‘o stuff!) so I usually keep the same one on my arm for years before defiantly finding another that I’m equally as excited about then stay devoted to that one until I’m bored a few years later.  Seeing as my phone is within arm’s reach all day every day and pretty much gets more visibility than my right earring, I think I’m going to start looking at it more like a statement accessory, one that I need to get better at having fun with.

Here are some iPhone cases on my “which one am I going to buy first?” list:

  1. A DIY case that you cross-stitch yourself to make a vintage-y fun pattern (you know how much I love all things “Grandma Chic”)
  2. Casablanca Purple
  3. Smart, Kind, Important
  4. Invincible Summer — not sure that I trust just a skin instead of a case…
  5. Ampersand
  6. Flowers in hand
  7. Aztec inspired
  8. Case-Mate’s tortoise shell case, coming this spring.
  9. Castegram – make your custom case with instagram photos – what?!  Yes!
  10. Clear case with peacock feather inside
  11. Upload your own photo/design to create a custom cover.

What about you? Are you a stick-with-one case kinda person or do you switch it out often?  Have any other cases you’d recommend for me?