What’s cuter than baby clothes?

Nothing. Nothing is cuter than baby clothes. I never thought I’d like shopping for anyone more than myself but BFOTB (I guess that makes me the BFOTBM now: Best Friend of the Baby Mama) is expecting a gorgeous (I know she will be!) bundle of joy next week (!) and I am already smitten. To top it all off, Mumbles’s brother and his wife are also expecting, so needless to say, I’m obsessed with darling baby fashions in anticipation of these love bugs. Check out some of the styles I’m coveting…

Darling ruffled, striped bathing suit (check out the back!) for beach days:

How about this precious bow? (they also have a onesie with glasses, a bow tie, mustache and more for young dapper dudes)

Because BFOTB and I are quite proud of a strong bond between us: a mutual love of Harry Potter, this one seems appropriate:










These bloomers?  Beachy chic! I can’t even stand how adorable they are.





And for fall and winter, this sweater is so darling, I’d wear it. It even comes with a matching hat!

This fair isle hat with tassels has a bit more girly pizzazz:










Per usual, I’m getting way ahead of myself and already perusing the 1-5 year old section.  But seriously, how cute is this new collection from Baby Gap?  You can’t blame me. It’s just too much fabulous in one tiny package.






Where do you find the best fashion finds for babies? My favorite local online retailer, Ruche, recently launched a baby line — swoon!  For more (p)inspiration, visit my Baby Love Pinterest board.




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