Midseason TV 2012

Not only is The Bachelor officially back but there’s also a lot more tv to look forward to in the coming weeks.  Over the holidays I was intrigued by promo commercials for Alcatraz and a few weeks ago I read an article and watched the preview for the new show Smash starring Debra Messing.  Here are some others that I’m really looking forward to watching:

  • The Firm, starring swoon-worthy Josh Lucas — Thursday, January 12 on NBC
  • House of Lies, starring Don Cheadle and Kristen Bell (let’s be hones, I have a girl crush on Veronica Mars so that’s where this excitement is coming from) — Sunday, Janaury 8 on Showtime
  • The Finder, a Bones spinoff — Thursday, January 12 on FOX
  • Alcatraz, from the creators of Lost and starring that one really likable guy from Lost  — Monday, January 16 on FOX
  • Smash, starring Debra Messing & Katharine McPhee — Monday, February 6

Check out photos and summaries of these and other shows coming soon.  What’s on your DVR list?


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