My DVR is full this fall

This week marks the return of fall television. It’s been a pretty good summer, though, I must say. Here’s what we’ve been watching regularly:

– Royal Pains
– Burn Notice
– Suits
– White Collar
– Necessary Roughness
– Keeping Up With the Kardashians
– Flipping Out
– Fairly Legal

I’m excited for all those shows to return – some of which will be back later this fall/early winter – but what everyone’s abuzz about right now is the return of fall prime-time television – click here for an interactive fall TV calendar. I am giddy with excitement about being able to push through my work day thinking about plunking down on the couch with a nice glass of wine to watch X show (depending on the day of the week).

By far our favorite show is How I Met Your Mother. The season finale finally revealed it was Barney’s wedding they had been flashing clips of throughout the season. I was happily surprised by that one and the premiere this season didn’t disappoint either. 

Two and a Half Men, the much anticipated return sans Charlie Harper/Sheen, was still very, very funny and now has the opportunity to capture a new Kutcher-loving audience.  But I can tell you that hanging up that bowling shirt in the backround of his funeral service alongside the flowers and casket means my dad’s days of tuning in are quickly coming to an end as well.  I think everyone was really impressed by how seamless the transition feels and how it was carried on with the same humor and wit, however, Charlie really brought a lot of charisma to the show.  Not that Kutcher can’t, but it’ll be a different show none-the-less.  I’m wondering if they’ll just give it a go this season and make it the last? 

Castle is a huge Monday night entertainer in our house and last season ended on a nail-biting cliffhanger, only to pick up last night with a frustrating and slow return. I still love it, don’t get me wrong, but I was hoping for a little more Castle-Beckett banter, however, I understand with all the drama that unfolded in one episode last season needed some time to fully recover and play out.

While crafting and killing time so we could fast forward through commercials during Castle, we watched some of Hawaii 5-0, which we haven’t seen since oh, i don’t know when.  Might have missed some big things but I think we got caught up in the 20 minutes we watched.  Still entertaining.

One that delightfully wowed us was 2 Broke Girls – sadly, we didn’t have it recording so we missed the ending.  We definitely added that one to the list, even though Mumbles says he isn’t fond of this actress who plays the lead.

Last week we welcomed Buffy babe Sarah Michelle Gellar (now Sarah Michelle Prinze – wife of Freddie Prinze Jr.) back to the small screen in the CW’s new show, Ringer.  I thought they did really well and knowing it had been made for CBS. I hope the CW doesn’t teeny-bopper it up too much. (a little bit is okay.  You know how much I love Veronica Mars).   Something isn’t quite right but I can’t put my finger on it.  For example, they keep showing this photo and it takes me too long to figure out what they were trying to accomplish…is the the uber rich twin and the fancy/weird/Gaga-ish outfit is supposed to tell me she can afford expensive, weird clothes?  That she can get away with anything?  Or, is it the prostitute sister and this is supposed to tell me that she’s imprisoned by her body? She feels trapped and chained down, trying to break free?  She doesn’t feel comfortable wearing a collar chained to her tube top in a similar fashion that she doesn’t feel comfortable impersonating her twin sister?  I don’t get it.

Also on my must-watch list (brace yourself, it’s kinda long):
NCIS Los Angeles
Grey’s Anatomy
The Mentalist
Body of Proof
One Tree Hill
Gossip Girl

New Girl – watched it last night… started out slow but had me laughing out loud by the end. 
The Playboy Club
Pan Am
Person of Interest

What is on your DVR this fall?  Any new shows you’re really excited about?


3 thoughts on “My DVR is full this fall

  1. One Tree Hill is still on air?!
    You seem to be a loyal CBS’er when it comes to sitcoms. I’m an NBC’er–looking forward to Office, 30 Rock, etc. I really like Zooey Deschanel but the way they put together the plot for the New Girl pilot seemed very sloppy–how do you go straight to the emotional payoff of a Dirty Dancing serenade in episode 1?

    • Yes (!) One Tree Hill is still on air. It’s one of my many I-should-feel-guilty-about-watching-it-but-I-don’t shows. 🙂 Much like Gossip Girl. A lot has changed; a lot hasn’t. Chad Michael Murray isn’t on anymore – don’t know what he’s been up to; Hilary Burton upgraded herself to White Collar (love it); but, in their absence they did gain the major good looks of Robert Buckley (best known as the hot abs character “Kirby” from Lipstick Jungle).

      I really wish I would have started watching Office and 30 Rock from the get-go. Perhaps adding the seasons to my Netflix queue is a good idea once all the hype of the fall tv comeback is over.

      And yes, the first episode of New Girl was unbalanced. I really thought it would flop after watching the first 10 minutes but was more than pleased to be laughing out loud by the end. I was definitely cringing in its awkwardness but hey, Zooey Deschanel pulls off awkwardly emotional situations really, really well. It’s hard to see how they’ll make a whole season out of it, though. I read that the actor (Damon Wayons Jr.) that plays Coach has already been recast as he is still committed to Happy Endings (which no one thought would survive).

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