Spiders still on the brain

In the shower the other day (why wait a few days to post this, you ask? I had to get over the trauma…don’t judge me.) washing my hair, massaging my scalp, admiring the handy mosaic work Mumbles and I did whilst tiling our shower (more to come on that, promise) and there it is…a moving mosaic tile…no. A spider! Ugh. Now I’ve gotta keep one eye open whilst rinsing and hurry up so I can get the heck outta there. No one wants a spider in their hair. No one. Least of all me. I’m just really not a big fan of spiders.  Despite my fear, I’m at least able to laugh about it sometimes and recently got quite a chuckle when I saw this clever guy circulating on Pinterest:

And then I was thinking I know a lot of other people (the rational ones, like me) that are afraid of spiders but I wondered what my life would be like and how much easier it would be if I made friends with spiders like Freddie Prinze Jr. in the movie Down to You (which was weird and okay but pretty much a let down, right? Like, you’d watch it on a lazy Saturday curled up on the couch if you were getting free HBO as a six month trial but wouldn’t ever put it above anything else on your Netflix queue). I wanted to show a video clip of that scene but turns out, it was such a bad movie that there are hardly any YouTube clips of it. Bummer. But this person gave it a pretty good run down in the Hunt for the Worst Movie of All Time.

And in another non-sequitor but still spider-related, it must be huge spider breeding season because I’ve seen a few people post photos on Facebook of large creepy crawlies they’ve come across and I, too, just about fainted when I saw a huge brown stripey spider that built a crazy (very intricate and impressive) web between two trees about 7 feet away from each other and all the way to the ground outside our house.  It was all well and fine – I knew he was there, catching bugs and being all scary but then someone had the nerve to disrupt the web and now all I can do is dwell in anxiety that he’s roaming around somewhere.  I’m hoping a bird ate him.  I have a mind to post a note on the tree that says “if you killed the spider that recently lived here, please let me know so I don’t have to worry about him surprise attacking me. Thanks.”  Then, last night while Mumbles and I leisurely walked to dinner down the street, we noticed that just about every pairing of trees lining this busy street had at least one of the same humongous eight-legged stripey guys  with their own crazy webs between trees.  Eww.


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