Sewing up a storm…almost

Remember that handy dandy toolkit my mom got me for Christmas? The one that puts the fun in functional? Boy, did that ever come in handy a few weekends ago when our dear friends were married at a beautiful ranch in Camarillo. Mumbles was a groomsmen, you see, and the stylish groom provided fancy schmancy suspenders for all the lads to wear. They were awesome. [True story: Mumbles wore white suspenders on our first date.]  Only thing is, they were the sew-on button kind. Not the clip-them-to-your-pants-like-Steve-Urkel kind. Good thing is that Mumbles just so happens to be a fantastic seamster (is that what boy seamstresses are called?) and the guy’s pretty fantastic at ironing, too, let me tell ya.

Mumbles wanted everything to go just right for Cappy (that’s his name. No, not his real name. And yes, kinda like the guy from Greek. And yes again, Greek was an awesome show. I digress.) on his Big Day so he went out and bought two pairs of charcoal grey pants that were almost black, as he feared the charcoal grey pants he previously purchased were a little too char and not enough coal. He’s incredibly thoughtful but gosh, was he ever feverishly sewing up a storm – almost literally, as a storm threatened to rain on Cappy’s beautiful outdoor wedding. Pants were sewn (okay, one button popped later on), the storm diverted, and we danced the night away. It was such a beautiful celebration and I was again reminded that small things matter when we do them out of love for our friends and the big things – being there to support and share – are truly the important moments in our lives.


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