The Return of TV

With the return of fall TV almost upon us (yay!), this week is turning out to be a true test in tv patience.  I’ve even declared I’ll be cleaning a few nights this week because there’s no excuse to be glued to the couch in front of the television.  All I’ve got is The Voice, but that will all change starting next week.

photo by Robert Voets/CBS via TV Guide

Here’s where we were left hanging last season on Grey’s Anatomy and new favorite Scandal.  I also can’t wait to dive back into HIMYM, Person of Interest, Castle, Once Upon A Time and pretty much all of the others mentioned in this post from last year. I’m proud to say, however, that I’ve dropped a few shows off my DVR schedule including Keeping Up With the Kardashians (I mean, I’ll watch it if there’s nothing else on, but it’s not a go-to so don’t judge me, okay?), Two and a Half Men (sorry, Charlie), One Tree Hill (waaah! because it’s over – again, no judging, please), and Hawaii 5-0 (just didn’t keep me intrigued, Dan-O).

I’m not sure when my other favorite, Smash, will be returning but you can watch the full episodes online here.

Love TV like I do?  See my dear friend/cousin Page’s Top 5 to watch this fall.

What  shows are you most looking forward to returning this fall?  Any new ones I should give a try?


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