Our hearts are heavy and light.

“I think it’s appropriate right now, this idea that people need other people, this idea that we’re not alone, that we’re all in this together. Life is a lot of things. Our hearts are heavy and light. We laugh and scream and sing. Our hearts are heavy and light. Peace to you today.” – Jamie Tworkowski, To Write Love On Her Arms.


Fill your own cup

my new pretty lovely water bottle - beautiful to look at, inspiring me to drink more water!

Have you ever seen something and thought “I have to have that!” but you don’t buy it and then you can’t stop thinking about it?  That was the case with this here lovely. 

I’ve really been trying to drink a lot more water lately and with all the “don’t use plastic water bottle” messages and scary BPA negative health effects, I try to keep reusable tumblers at my desk at work.  For a while my daily routine was a glass of juice in the morning, a cup of coffee (or three) in the office and a glass of wine at night.  I was getting no hydration at all during the day – caught up in work, too busy to even fill my cup.  So now I have this beautiful glass water bottle to inspire me and remind me to fill my own cup

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about stress, work/life balance, being a better manager, leader and employee, serving others better and more effectively and then settled on this: how can I serve myself better?  If I’m happier, more productive, healthy, that’s how I can better serve others.  So, my new question is “what do I need to do today to be happy and feel successful?”  I’d challenge you to ask yourself the same thing.  It’s so often that I get into the office, get wrapped up in answering other people’s emails that I don’t have time to do the most important things I had on my own list of things to do. 

Speaking of which, writing is something I’ve been seriously slacking on too, and I can tell because I feel similarly to how Mumbles does when he doesn’t get to exercise enough – lathargic and kinda cranky. Writing is one of the many creative outlets I love so I also scooped up this darling retro and bold lovely to inspire me to jot down creative inspirations, thoughts and ideas throughout the day. 

the paper has lines of type that say “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy” – a good reminder to get creative throughout my work day!
What do you keep with you to inspire creativity and good-for-you thoughts and behaviors?

Stress & the 3 things happy people have in common

Did you know that prior to 1960 the term “stress” did not exist outside of architectural references (ie: stress on a building)?  Now, it’s nearly impossible to get through a day without hearing the word stress.

At the 3rd Annual Women’s Conference held at Cal State Fullerton (my alma mater), I attended a session about stress and achieving a work/life balance led by Kristin Welsh-Simpson, the Senior Employee Assistance Counselor with the U.S. House of Representatives Office of Employee Assistance.  She gave great, sensible advice for women who have very busy lives and wish to have peace and balance in their daily life (isn’t that everyone?). Simpson, also a certified executive coach and a mom of three boys (this lady knows what she’s talking about!), is devoted to taking time out of her busy schedule to help women achieve this peace of mind.

I took a lot away from her practical and approachable talk and thought I should share some of her great ideas for erasing stress from our lives and achieving a better work/life balance.  Check out my post with her tips here.

Also, I loved this…3 things happy people have in common:
o        Something to DO
o        Something to LOVE
o        Something to LOOK FORWARD TO

Whenever it is, happy birthday

Today is not my birthday but I was thinking about how I used to hate birthdays. I kinda still do. They’re supposed to be really special and fun and yet I feel a little bit of letdown on most birthdays – like the inevitable disappointment of New Year’s Eve, it’s never as good as it’s hyped up to be.  I mean, as far as birthdays go, what’s the big deal? Everyone has one. They happen every year.  So what’s so special? 

You are.
I am. 
I realized that today.

I’m important. And not that I never knew it before, it’s just that you really only ever feel important in big situations, ones that are grand in the scheme of life.  And I guess that’s the thing about birthdays – they happen every year and everyone has one but that’s the key: to celebrate you at least once a year because you matter – everyone matters – in the scheme of life and in the world. You are important and special and deserve to know it.  

“Today you are you, that is truer than true. There is no one alive who is youer than you.” – Dr. Seuss

Whenever it is, happy birthday.