The One That Got Away

I know I can’t be the only one who was devastated when The Civil Wars announced they were taking a break/breaking up/confused.  Exciting news, folks: they’ve released a new single.  And…I love it!  So, so good.

Apparently the breakup thing didn’t go so well because they’re releasing a new album on August 6.  Or maybe it did and it has produced enough inspiration for more moody music. Either way, I say “hooray!”


The Voice Season 4, Week 1 Favorites

Hi there, friends! I’m so excited that The Voice is back becuase it gives me something to look forward to on Monday nights until The Bachelorette begins in a few months. Do you watch? I’m always super impressed with the talent and hearing some of the triumphant stories of overcoming obstacles to pursue dreams.  I usually end up downloading a bunch of songs on iTunes after the show, and this past Monday I was also pleasantly pleased with the performance the four coaches did to kick off the show, including the two newbies: Shakira and Usher. I do miss Cee-Lo (and his animals), though; he’s such a character!

Here are some of my favorite performances from the first week of blind auditions:

The one that gave me chills (for all the 90’s kids!):

The most surprising (this guy totally reminds me of Ashton Kutcher in this performance):

The no-brainer:

The most entertaining (their duo name is “Midas Whale” which they say came about when one asked the other if he wanted to start a duo and his reply was “might as well…” ha!):

Who are your favorites so far? What do you think of the new coaches?

Music Obsession: Citizen Cope

You may recognize a few Citizen Cope songs from radio, tv and commercials. Mumbles and I saw one of his shows at House of Blues Anaheim a few years ago and it was incredible — he has super passionate fans that love his music and he sounds amazing live.  Here are some of my favorite songs:

Son’s Gonna Rise
Bullet and a Target
If There’s Love
Let the Drummer Kick

Piano Girl


One of my favorite memories as a kid is from the time my parents forced me to play the piano in Nordstrom at the Santa Anita Mall. Do you remember when Nordstrom used to have a pianist playing in store? Really classed the joint up, don’t you think?  (this LA Times “Culture Monster” article from 2011 notes the sad sayonara to Nordstrom’s in-store piano playing. Boo.)

Well, while Piano Man was on a break, my mom told me to sit down and play.

“But mooooom! I’m not even good!” I protested.

I’m sure my mom gave me a “I’m not spending a fortune on piano lessons (and in this here store) for nothing!” sort of glare and I ended up playing a song, though I can’t remember which one. Maybe the Pink Panther theme song — that was always my favorite. Ha! Just kidding. I’m sure my mom made me perform something a bit more sophisticated than that. My brother’s favorite tune to play was the Beverly Hills Cop theme song. That wouldn’t have flown with her, either, I’m sure.

I miss the Nordstrom piano and definitely think they should bring it back.  You can listen to pre-recorded radio music any ol’ time!

Music Obsessions: Moody Music

Here are some of my favorites for cloudy days and general crankiness…

  1. “Madness” by Muse
  2. “Concrete Wall” by Zee Avi
  3. “Secret” by The Pierces (discovered during an episode of Gossip Girl — also check out their song “Boring” which is similarly dark and sarcastic)
  4. “My Number” by Tegan & Sara
  5. “Feeling Good” by Michael Buble
  6. “Bullet & A Target” by Citizen Cope
  7. “You Know I’m No Good” by Amy Winehouse
  8. “All I Want” by Susie Suh

Do you have a favorite song you listen to when your mood is a little darker than usual?