Piano Girl


One of my favorite memories as a kid is from the time my parents forced me to play the piano in Nordstrom at the Santa Anita Mall. Do you remember when Nordstrom used to have a pianist playing in store? Really classed the joint up, don’t you think?  (this LA Times “Culture Monster” article from 2011 notes the sad sayonara to Nordstrom’s in-store piano playing. Boo.)

Well, while Piano Man was on a break, my mom told me to sit down and play.

“But mooooom! I’m not even good!” I protested.

I’m sure my mom gave me a “I’m not spending a fortune on piano lessons (and in this here store) for nothing!” sort of glare and I ended up playing a song, though I can’t remember which one. Maybe the Pink Panther theme song — that was always my favorite. Ha! Just kidding. I’m sure my mom made me perform something a bit more sophisticated than that. My brother’s favorite tune to play was the Beverly Hills Cop theme song. That wouldn’t have flown with her, either, I’m sure.

I miss the Nordstrom piano and definitely think they should bring it back.  You can listen to pre-recorded radio music any ol’ time!


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