The Bachelorette Recap, episode 6 — Desiree


Barthelona!  My favorite city in the world.  BFOTBM and I love to tell everyone we lived in Barcelona. Because we did. And we tell ’em every chance we can.

Looks like all the men got the memo that this week’s uniform is a zip up hoodie. Geez. Also, like I mentioned, I missed the last two episodes so I appreciated the little recap that everyone is pissed at James because he’s using the show to get famous, hook up with chicks and get into clubs.  I believe it.

One-on-One Date: Drew — “let’s build a foundation for love.”

Desiree scores points for dressing super cute. And Drew is giddy and excited and can’t wait to tell Desiree how excited he is to kiss her. Aww, you’re precious. During their afternoon jaunt about town they stop in at a tapas bar — not to be confused with a topless bar, friends. That would be a whole different kind of show. While there, Drew shares about his admiration for his father, a recovering alcoholic who has cancer.  The emotional moment clearly brings them closer together and they both agree that they’d like for Des to be able to meet his dad.

Drew and Des sit down for a romantic dinner and he’s so wrapped up in the moment that he promptly sneaks her away from the cameras to go make out in an alley.  Apparently he thought the cameras wouldn’t follow?  Hmm…not quite sure. But, either way, it’s super hot. And the bold move shows Des a side she hasn’t yet seen so reserved, shy guy Drew wins the rose. And then more making out.

After he locks in his rose, solidifying his camp in the romantic territory just outside the friend zone, Drew decides to tell Des that James is not here for the right reasons and recalls the conversation he overheard.  And that’s pretty much what you get to hear about for the rest of the episode, so if you’d like, you can skip to the bottom to find out who gets roses and who goes home.

Still with me?

Group Date: Brooks, Chris, Kasey, Michael, James, Juan Pablo — “Looooooove!” (a la Gooooaaallll!)

I’m super excited to see that the group date is in Sitges. It’s a gorgeous beach town not far from Barcelona.  I’ve been there twice and it’s just lovely.  Absolutely worth the train ride. Even if you’re jam-packed on said train with a bunch of sweaty, gross, non-deodorant-wearing Spaniards and European tourists.  But it’s totally worth it. Also, you should know that I’ve never seen better looking men anywhere in my life than in Sitges.  Gay, mostly, but ridiculously, crazy good looking.  Seriously.  It’s a good spot.

Speaking of good looking…Juan Pablo is feeling confident on the soccer field, scoring on the professional women’s team that Desiree has teamed up with. After about 15 seconds, the buzz of the goal sound is getting kind of annoying. We get it: the girls are good.  And James is the goalie that just stands there and claps when the girls score.  Even Kasey the Zac Efron look-alike isn’t impressed.

At the post-game party, the group is uber tense because everyone wants to duke it out with James. Verbally. He’s huge. No one wants to pick a fight physically.  Side note: Chris seems to be a bit of a goober. Like Bill Nye, the science guy.  With a soul patch. I don’t quite get why Desiree busts out a poem. But, oh, does she.  Bill Nye thinks it’s beautiful.  He even says their love scale is rapidly rising.  Seems like a good fit, you two.

Meanwhile, Zac Efron and Federal Prosecutor guy confront James about his offensive conversation last week with Mikey about his odds of being the next Bachelor and all the fun shenanigans they could get into with other women.  James is not necessarily denying it. Prosecutor informs James that his words sounds more like an audition for Jersey Shore than anything.  James is now super angry…like Hulk status.

Next, Zac Efron approaches Desiree about the whole James situation and as opposed to Drew’s makeout situation to secure himself a seat in the romantic area of the dating pool, I think, sadly, Zac Efron has put himself in the shallow end of the friend zone. Sorry, bud.

When Desiree tells James that she believes what the other guys have told her, his first instinct is to cry. But, he pulls it together long enough to make an argument that it was all Mikey. He even swears on his dad. In fact, the guys are ganging up on him because they’re all threatened by him.  I’m not quite sure how the conversation flips to both of them crying but instead of being mad or telling James to leave, Des just asks to take some time to think about it. Weak.

One-on-One Date: Zak 

For their date, Zak and Desiree are sketching a model and I almost wish the guy would’ve taken off his clothes just to make it interesting. But, I’m pregnant and without wine to make awkward, tense silences bearable, I’m a bit relieved that the most awful thing so far is a drawing Zak does of Desiree.  Wow, that’s ugly.

Zak says he loves art and goes to a lot of museums but, still, when the naked dude does appear on a pedestal in front of him…well, it’s just not his favorite idea of a date, I think.  Mine either. He’s such a good sport and still having so much fun. To liven things up, he changes into a robe himself so that he can get up there in the buff for Desiree to draw him.  He was kind enough to keep on his briefs, but it’s still very impressive…the man looks good with no clothes on.

Their evening dinner is maybe the coolest ever…in a cava cellar/cave. Gosh I miss wine. Zak opens up about the type of guy he is so Desiree can get to know him better. And then they make out a lot, earning him the rose. Zak confesses to the camera that he’s in love with Desiree, and Desiree tells the camera that she’s enamored with his adventuresome side.  I see heartbreak in Zak’s future.

James, in a polite way, asks Drew for his take on this whole situation, which is commendable.  And Drew, like a knight in shining armor and protective boyfriend, is trying with all his might to explain to James why absolutely everything he’s saying is not appropriate for their current situation. Now trying his luck with spinning his story to Desiree, James is talking himself in circles, which seems to be working quite well.  James is smug when he gets back into the room and the guys are still trying to make him see how he’s been disrespectful. It doesn’t work and it all ends with everyone more frustrated than ever.


  • Drew
  • Zak
  • Chris, Bill Nye the science guy
  • Brooks
  • Michael, the Federal Prosecutor

Going Home: Kasey, Juan Pablo, James

Next week: Madeira, helicopter rides, horseback riding, kayaking, fireworks, boat rides, making out beaches, drama with Drew (?), and a lot, a lot of crying.


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