The Bachelorette season 7, The Men Tell All

The moments we didn’t get to see

  • JP in pajama date: JP breaks the entertainment center, they can’t get the DVD player to work and they fall asleep. Too much fun.
  • Ames ballroom dancing with a jabbawockee.
  • Mickey’s man junk in the goddess harness retrieving wine at a restaurant.
  • Constantine’s love lantern gets peed on by a stray dog.
  • Ames and Ashley [not] eating larvae and crickets.
  • Ben and Ashley banging bamboo sticks to try to get to the rice in the center.
  • Ashley’s toe cramp during Tai Chi with Ryan.

Theres a segment like 10 minutes long for The Bachelor Pad and guess who’s coupled up?

  • Ames and Jackie, the Glee/Wicked singer
  • Blake is hooking up all over the house
  • Graham (i forget what season but he was super hot) and crazy Michelle Money
  • “I’ll guard and protect your heart” tattoo Kasey and hot mess Vienna
    Kasey wants to punch Jake in the face and say “that’s for America!” …reminds me of the movie What Happens in Vegas…”you know why!”

Now for what we learned from the men:

  • What is the drunk guy Tim even doing here? He admits he doesn’t know why he’s there, saying he’s been a fan of the show and doesn’t even know the guys. He can’t remember them carrying him to his minivan ride home.
  • Ben C. is still harboring a grudge against William for getting ratted out and sent home because he supposedly had been looking at dating sites.
  • The guys proclaim Ryan to be like a puppy or camp counselor because he was so excited all the time.
  • William regrets the roast. Duh.
  • Ryan says he bought books like “Questions to ask before you get engaged” to prepare for the show. This man meant business.
  • Ames gives the “I loved her, I got my heart broken, and now I’m better for it” speech. Also Chris gives him the pink boxing gloves.
  • Bentley declined to be on the show. Shocker.
  • I was surprised Mickey didn’t speak up on the whole Bentley issue, having been so upset by his coming back to voluntarily leave the show. Plus, he is ridiculously good looking so I was hoping he’d get more camera time.
  • Wasting time [on Bentley] is Ashley’s biggest regret.
  • Tim introduces himself, which is maybe the only glimpse of humor.

Ali, Deanna and Jason come out to cling on to their pseudo celebrity status and shell out their advice that no one asked for.

The bloopers at the end are without a doubt the best part of the season.

Ashley says she is very, very happy with how it ends but it sounds iffy. Tomorrow we’ll find out if anyone proposes and then see where they’re at today on After the Final Rose… so stay tuned! Then in a week, catch all the hookups and drama on The Bachelor Pad. Oh joy.


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