Baby Moccasin Roundup

Have you noticed the obsession with baby moccasins lately? (again, I fear I’m a little late to the party…I’m saying that a lot lately…) Freshly Picked got a lot of media attention after appearing on Shark Tank and her moccs are absolutely gorgeous. We don’t have a pair (yet) but I do think they’d be fun for Declan once he’s actually trying to walk. Anyway, if you are trolling Instagram for gently used baby items, perhaps you’ve also seen that there are plenty of other brands selling moccs for the babes.

faas design lofaas moccasins for baby

Here are favorites I’ve come across:

This red pair from Minnetonka has velcro ($21.95) which sounds genius but also a nightmare because I’d imagine Declan would think it was so hilarious to keep pulling them off!

I also adore this braid bootie from Minnetonka plus it’s an added bonus that they offer men’s and women’s styles too…so if it’s not too Brady Bunch of you, everyone in the fam can be sporting fabulous footwear together. Total bonus.

And this pair from Robeez ($25) just looks plain comfy.

If you’re looking for an affordable option, the camo pair from Max Moccs are pretty rad looking and only $33 shipped.

FAAS Design Distressed Butterscotch Lofaas (see what they did there? clever!) are perhaps my very favorite. I like that (similar to the Max Moccs version) there’s no fringe on them so they seem a little more modern and loafer like.  Buuut, they’re just as pricey as the Freshly Picked ones at sixty buckaroos. Ouch. Seriously, though, how sweet are the ballet-style or mary jane flats for little ladies?

I also see ones from Happy and The Hectic and Potato Feet on Instagram often, both of which range from $30-50.


Does your kiddo wear moccs? What’s your favorite brand?

P.S. This white pair of Minnetonka moccs is so gorgeous – I’d never be able to keep them clean but I must have them anyway!

[image via Faas Design]


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