Craigslist Finds

This post should really be titled “Things I’d Like To Buy & Hoard.”  But I’m not being that honest today.  Emily Henderson does frequent posts on “Craigslist Trolling” in different cities with amazing finds she’d scoop up and sometimes even gives pointers on how she’d refurbish them or style them in clients’ homes.  In similar fashion, when I start daydreaming of taking everything out of my house and designing it all from scratch again, I sometimes troll Craigslist for fun to see what I might put in this fictionally empty house of mine.  And every so often, when I’m not even looking for it, I come across something magical like these amazing barstools for so cheap I think I should call right now and go snag them before someone else does.  And then I’d hurry home to get rid of our current dining room table, chairs and bench so we can start fresh with these brass beauties…le sigh…

craigslist barstools

Or this lovely bentwood rocker. These pop up quite often but usually the wicker/cane needs repair. This one looks to be in excellent condition. Side note: check out this sweet painted one from the Habitat for Humanity ReStore in Santa Ana for a whole $32! you can see a small hole in the upper corner, but hey, nothing a little blanket thrown over it couldn’t hide!

craigslist bentwood rocker

If you happen to be in need of a whole new dining room (like maybe you did take everything out of your house so you could start all over? well done, you!), this is a killer deal for everything (buffet, hutch, dining table, and chairs) you’d need and really all you’d have to do is update the upholstery on the dining chairs.  Such a steal.  And I just can’t resist the brass and those cloister-like details which are not only beautiful on the hutch, but cleverly tie in on the table base. Too much good stuff, I tell ya!

craigslist dining set hutch


And the other day I was reading a blog (sorry, can’t find it now) and the writer was lamenting about how she completely regretted not snatching up a pair of midcentury wire lounge chairs like these for her non-existent patio.  I sort of want to buy them for her now. But I can’t recall who she is so maybe I’d just keep them for myself. I do love them.

craigslist outdoor lounge chair siesta set


Have you scored anything amazing on Craigslist lately?  What are you currently searching for?



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