Layered Rugs

I’ve been on the hunt recently for a new rug and I noticed that a few photos have really caught my eye with one thing in common: layering multiple rugs over one another.

emily henderson layered rugs in joanna goddard living room

Stylist Emily Henderson explains “the other rug was added/layered to give the boys more of a designated play area (and to engage that corner) – it’s plush and VERY kid friendly. You could hide blood, playdough and all sorts of bodily liquids in that bad boy and not be able to see it.”

I love our ivory shag rug from Home Depot (it was such a deal at $120 for an 8×10 that I seriously couldn’t not get it) because it was neutral enough to ground the room but the walkway between the sofa and the coffee table is seriously worn down from foot traffic and it looks dirty.  Gross.  So, I’m wondering if I could get a smaller rug and layer it on top?  But then I wonder if a rug layered on top of a shag rug would look funny. Seems it may need to be the other way around.  Hmmm…

I don’t know that I’d go as overboard as they did with so many different rugs but I do love the look of the recycled sari silk rug.

cb2 layered rugs

Do you like the look of layered rugs?  Have a rug you want to rave about and recommend?  Here are more that I love. 


P.S. Mumbles is back on his “we need a recliner” kick so I need to find a stylish one, quick.  I love the look of navy paired with the caramel brown leather like in the photo above – complements the grey sofa (which we have) perfectly!  Maybe I could reupholster Jane in a navy velvet or something…


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