BlogShop LA


Something I’ve been wanting to do for a very long time is finally happening this week!

I have always enjoyed being part of the creative process and seeing ideas come together to tell a story through words, photos, graphics and illustrations. I don’t have an art or graphic design background but since I find it to be such a valuable talent, I decided to take a leap and learn as much as I can. Investing in myself, I used some of the profits I’ve made from Etsy to sign up for a two-day Photoshop for bloggers course called BLOGSHOP. I have my new Macbook and I’m really looking forward to learning and trying something new. Hopefully it will help me to grow Stick Girl JAM in new ways and find more creative passions to pursue.

I’ve also been taking some great Alt Summit Classes (see the schedule here) — they’re very affordable at just $15, cover informative topics, and provide a forum to connect with a great network of other bloggers and creatives to share ideas and encourage growth.

Cheers to more!


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