Here’s to more…

I was so proud of myself in November and December because I had all of my posts scheduled and drafted — I even had enough ready to go that I didn’t have to lift a finger while on vacation (bet you didn’t even realize I’d gone!).  But now, just when we’re all supposed to be kicking it into high gear, getting pumped up, resolving to do better in the New Year, I find myself slacking in the writing department.  While it’s nice to take a break every now and then, I made the choice to use this blog as an expressive outlet and writing tool for myself. As a way to fuel creativity, inspire, share and connect.  And I love it. So I need to keep writing.

And that’s where this comes in…

642 Things to Write About

I received this awesome book “642 Things to Write About” as a birthday gift and it’s full of fantastic prompts and blank spaces to write in your answers.  What a fun way to spark up ideas!

I know that 2013 has great things in store for me and you.  May you work toward what you want a little more each day in this New Year — toward happiness, love, laughter, and fun.  Here’s to more!


4 thoughts on “Here’s to more…

  1. Your post is so right it can be very hard tl keep writing I actually stopped for a full two months but I have schdeuled three days worth now to encourage me to keep going, but I could do with some idea too, I’m looking at the vlog tags at the moment and I’ve found some great ones.

    • Definitely keep going! You can do it! I find that storytelling in full is a bit hard for me so I jot down random thoughts and ideas in a notebook I keep with me everywhere I go, including links and photo ideas. I hope inspiration keeps finding you!

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