Goodwill good finds for wedding

Now that I’m back from some travels I have some great finds I want to share with you that were used for Dr. Merrett’s beautiful wedding.  [note: must find new name for Dr. Merrett…] On another recent trip to Goodwill I found this awesome retro set of 70’s green frames and thought I’d spruce them up with a modern bright white glossy look. And since I had the spray paint out, I remembered that a while ago I bought this big gold frame thinking it would work well for BFOTB[M]’s baby shower with a vintage circus theme (coming up this weekend!) but seeing the other frames with such crisp newness in white, well, I couldn’t stop myself. I love the idea of bringing a bunch of found items together and unifying them with the same color. I’m sorry to say that I didn’t take photos of them once they were finished – but you know what bright white gloss looks like. Imagine that. It really made the frames look modern.


I was delighted at another fabulous Goodwill find: this awesome metal scroll birdcage! It has a short chain at the top so it can hang from a ceiling (maybe with candles in it for a romantic room accent?) and the top folds back staying open with a chain, making it perfect to hold cards on the gift table at Dr. Merrett’s wedding. I love it the way it is but I think it would also look fabulous spray painted just about any color. I’m going to hold off, though, to avoid going top crazy on the bright white gloss (do you also find spray painting items to be particularly addictive? Nothing in my house is safe!)



And lastly, I’d been eying this scroll room divider from Urban Outfitters for months and months but couldn’t justify the purchase until Dr. Merrett showed me a photo of an idea she wanted to use for her wedding – it was a fence with frames hung on it to tell guests their table numbers.  Genius! Luckily I scooped it up on sale for almost half price!  It folds down to half the height so it can easily store away when not in use but I can think of plenty of places and spaces it works in: as a really cute headboard propped up against the wall, standing in the craft room to hang ribbons or as an inspiration board to pin fabric or photos, and even in the garden to maybe let a wandering vine find its way through the scrolls.  Just lovely!


Have you found anything good lately?


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