Summer vacation

You may have noticed that I didn’t write about last week’s episode of The Bachelorette. Well, I have some bad news: I won’t be able to write about it now for a few weeks. I’m terribly sorry but I’m also not because Mumbles and I have some jam-packed weeks of fun behind and ahead of us. Dr. Merrett was married in a beautiful ceremony on a gorgeous day in a stunning dress to a wonderful man and we were so thrilled for them and to be part of their day. We got a lot of compliments on the decor so I’ll be sure to share some photos later on. We had another wedding the following day and then we’ll be doing a bit of traveling before I return for BFOTBM’s baby shower which I also can’t wait for! Too much good stuff this summer! I hope you’re all enjoying great weather and times with family and friends. I’ll have lots to share in the coming weeks and hope you know how thankful I am for your support. Cheers!


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