Inspired by: street art

While doing some of my internet perusing (gotta stay fresh – I’m known in certain circles for my internet prowess!), I came across this post about popular street art from 2011 (okay, yeah, not so fresh). But wow! Full of impressive and extremely creative transformations (albeit, there are definitely some super creepy ones in there too – like zombie people rising up from puddles in the street…gross), this collection from Street Art Utopia is sure to inspire and delight. Wouldn’t you just love to happen upon some of this on a walk through your neighborhood this weekend?!

I adore that crochet tree and would love to be reading a book underneath it right now (Hunger Games, anyone?!), I need one of those clothespin statues somewhere in my life, the pacman is super cute and clever, and that electrical box made to look like an apartment building reminded me of the scene from Men In Black where we discover our world is kept inside a locker.  Click here to see more of these fantastic photos (creepy ones included), and if you click through to learn more about any of them, you’ll stumble onto other sites that you can get lost in for hours [true story].

Doesn’t all that awesomeness just make you want to go out and find something ugly so you can pretty it up? Good, then it’s not just me. Go forth and make something pretty today, my friends!


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