Are you on Pinterest yet? I keep pestering everyone I know about Pinterest because I’m really quite obsessed and it’s been taking up a lot of my free time. Free time which I don’t really have, and actually my perusing on Pinterest is just giving me more brilliant crafty ideas to take up the rest of the free time I don’t have.

It would have been incredible to have this handy tool while planning my wedding, but now I’m putting it to good use to help Dr. Merrett pick details for hers, and for me with her bridal shower.  I’ve got inspiration boards to visualize ideas for party themes and decor, home decorating, craft projects, recipes, and more!  It really does help us see what we are creatively and passionately drawn to in our lives.  What’s your favorite board on Pinterest about? 

You can follow me on Pinterest here and be sure to let me know how to follow you if you’re on Pinterest too!


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