What I’m Reading: Some Women Only Want a Third of It All

Remember this post about “Having It All?”

Having had a few weeks home before baby arrives, I’ve had leisure time to read, write, garden, watch tv, rest, organize, decorate, clean, play with Baxter…what a change of pace!  In that spirit, I really enjoyed this new perspective: Some Women Only Want, Like, a Third of It All.

Do you agree that “busyness” is now being used to competitively determine success?  



What I’m Reading: Sarah Lacey’s Post About “Having It All”

I’ve been reading this article (found via) a few times over, as it’s been floating around Facebook and blogs this week, and I think it’s an important one for women to read. I still can’t wrap my head around it because as women, we often get caught up in juggling and multitasking and “having it all.” And, in fact, I think we try to do it all so well that a lot of the time, having it all seems really unattainable. Or, we lose sight of what of “it all” is really important to us as individuals instead of what the world thinks we should be focused on.

Lucky for me, I have a spectrum of interesting, intelligent, brave, strong, funny, beautiful, caring women in my life who are inspiring in the way they lead their own lives, full of unending support and encouragement, and each of them helps light a path toward my own happiness. Here’s to having it all (and having fun trying)!


P.S. Now I really want to read Sheryl Sandberg’s new book Lean In.