Best News Ever: Veronica Mars Movie (Maybe)!

If you know us at all, you know BFOTB and I are obsessed with Veronica Mars.  And, by association, Kristen Bell. I mean, how could you not want to be best friends with a girl who freaks out like this when her fiance surprises her with a sloth for her birthday?

So, here it is, the best news ever: there may be a Veronica Mars movie coming soon!  The catch? They need cash.  Seems unlikely considering how many devoted fans there are out there, but I’m on board. Oh, how I miss her tasering bad guys and her witty, pretty Nancy Drew ways!

Be sure to watch the super fun Veronica Mars Movie Kickstarter Project video featuring some favorites from the show. And, if you can spare a little change, throw it into the donation pile because I really want to see a Veronica Mars movie.  Plus, don’t you want a Veronica Mars movie t-shirt? I sure do. I wish I had the spare cash to secure a spot on the red carpet, or a line in the movie so that BFOTB and I could meet Kristen Bell and become her friends. But that shirt is just going to have to do.  (side note: if they would’ve been really smart, they would’ve launched this campaign right before Valentine’s Day because I totally would’ve suckered Mumbles into coughing up a lot of cash to score me some awesome prizes!)

Veronica Mars

P.S. Here’s a fun little V. Mars quiz to rekindle your love for Neptune!


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On the 30th of September 2011, in front of a sell-out theatre at the BFI in London, Charlie Kaufman delivered the final lecture in BAFTA’s 2011 Screenwriters’ Lecture Series.

Charlie Kaufman Full 70 minute Lecture:

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