Sweet Stuff: Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day

mrs meyers basilAs a kid, I always loved back to school shopping. The clothes – yes. The new school supplies – love! I could seriously spend hours in places like Staples and Office Depot, and websites like SeeJaneWork.com? Forget about it, there goes my afternoon! Well, apparently tastes mature because my new thing is soap. Seriously. Soap.

I’ve talked before about my obsession with Soap.com and I just can’t properly explain how excited I get when I buy new soap. Dish soap, hand soap, body wash. I love it all. But, I especially love Mrs. Meyer’s. It’s probably a lot to do with the packaging, but also a lot to do with the smell. I just adore the Basil scent. I’ve stumbled across it (and usually purchased it) at Home Depot, Target, Ralphs, World Market, WalMart, and of course Soap.com.  But, I’d never visited the Mrs. Meyer’s website, which I found to be just as crisp and pleasant as their packaging.  Whilst perusing, I found some scents I’ve never before seen in stores. I’d really like to try Rhubarb and the new Radish. Sounds weird and I like it.

Do you use Mrs. Meyer’s? Do you like it?

P.S. Check out the Mrs. Meyer*s brand story (http://www.mrsmeyers.com/content.jsp?pageName=Our-Story) and just take a look at that doll Thelma Meyer. Isn’t she just exquisite?

P.P.S. I noticed that there’s a promo today on Soap.com for up to 20% off Mrs. Meyer’s products using the code 20MEYER…stock up now! (probably an Earth Day thing…)

P.P.S.S.  Mrs. Meyer’s just announced that they’ve brought back their refillable glass bottles for liquid hand soap. Love!  Get one here.

I’ve Been Busy…Buying

Lately, I’ve been buying a lot of stuff. A lot. What can I say? I’m in a good mood, it’s spring and I love clothes.

A lovely lady I know named Lyndzee (I love alliteration!) has fabulous style and is an incredibly impressive thrift shopper. Lucky for me (and you, though I’d rather you not like her stuff so that I can keep scooping up her fun pieces without as much competition), she has started selling some of her finds on Instagram in a lovely shop called Thrift Archaeology. It’s been quite fun following her posts, albeit a bit distracting as I anxiously refresh my Instagram feed all day. Last week I was the lucky winner of this plaid skirt, this vintage bag, and an amazing beaded cocktail dress that I cannot wait to wear! So excited. And feeling the buzz of finding good thrifted clothes but not actually wanting to go out and hunt myself (though it is one of my favorite things to do), I hopped on over to Etsy and discovered a darling vintage shop called secretlake, which just so happened to be having a moving sale with all the merchandise marked down 30%…yay! I picked up this fabulous cobalt dress (you know how obsessed I am with cobalt. see here and here) and this wool coat (what I like to call “grandma chic”…read: totally my style).

But I haven’t just been thinking of myself! My mom loves to wear lace tops with skirts to work — they’ve gotta be comfy and simple like throwing on a t-shirt but chic enough to look like a smarty pants at the office. I got her two from Banana Republic, though I’ve also been swooning over this one from Madewell (found via DesignLoveFest).

And, wait, there’s more.

I haven’t just been buying clothes. I promise. I bought my Dad some awesome dog books for his birthday, I got my mom some lipstick in a totally fierce shade (which I’ll wrap up with those blouses for mother’s day just around the corner), and picked up some of my favorite loose mineral powder (which now reminds me I need to invest in new makeup brushes…).

Lastly–and maybe my favorite–I scored an awesome dresser on Craigslist that is in such great shape I can hardly believe it. The guy I bought it from said it’s been in his family since the early 60’s! Love it. It needs to be cleaned up a bit but I think I’m going to keep it just as it is for now before I do anything drastic like painting it.  It’s made of real wood (read: it’s heavy), has a beautiful color tone and wood grain, original hardware with an awesome patina, dovetailed drawers, and the larger drawers have built-in wood dividers which I think are just so neat. I was going to say “they definitely don’t make furniture like they used to!” but that’s probably not true. I bet a lot of places and people make furniture of such great quality, it’s just I can’t afford any of it. Thank heavens for Craigslist, right?

Here’s a closeup of the hardware and details…

vintage craigslist dresser.jpg



P.S. How quickly I forget…I also bought this adorable dress from Madewell and wore it to a bridal shower on Saturday. The colors are so pretty and it fits like a dream. Even the girls at Anthropologie asked me where I got it when I stopped in to buy the bride a gift. Best compliment ever, I’d say.  And I’m super excited for our trip to Havasu in two weeks so I splurged on this gorgeous paisley swimsuit top from my favorite, J.Crew (found via A Cup of Jo). Goodness me, that’s a lot of stuff I’ve been buying.  Please don’t judge me. And don’t tell Mumbles. 😉

madewell silk floral dress.jpg

Sweet Find: Amber Alexander on Etsy

Etsy is a magical, magical world. I’ve been trying to figure out what to put on the walls in our 2nd bedroom/office/Mumbles’ closet/guest room.  I wanted something whimsical and fun and I’d been eyeing watercolors and illustrations for quite some time.  Then, I somehow stumbled upon Amber Alexander’s lovely Etsy shop.  And that’s the magic of Etsy. I want just about everything she makes — beautiful florals, feathers, and furry friends. I simply adore her work.

I ended up purchasing three prints from her shop so that I could put them in these wood frames I found at Target (I love that you can see the grain and knots in the wood).  Meet my three new mates Byron, Duncan and Looker the Alligator.  Mumbles likes Duncan enough to want to take him to work but I’m not quite sure if I can give him up.

Art prints by Amber Alexander on Etsy

Art prints by Amber Alexander on Etsy

Also, Amber was sweet enough to send a few cards in my package which was such a fun surprise.  I was delighted to gift them to some friends later on and even more excited to show them the cute little stories Amber has created for each of the characters on the back of the card. For example, I said “Happy Birthday” with this fabulous card for my wine-loving friend.  The caption read: “I don’t know what could have been ‘hard’ about her day. She’s a cat! not enough catnip? lost her toy? bad fur day?”  I just thought it was darling.  So did my friend.

Super sweet stuff.

What are your favorite Etsy shops?  

P.S. I thought Byron, Duncan and Looker all needed to be a foursome (you know, in case they wanted to play golf or something) so I happily scooped up this darling fox by Eastwitching.  Now I’ve got a happy bunch of furry, sophisticated friends!

A Few of My Favorite Things: Cobalt Blue

While out walking the other day I saw a vibrant cobalt blue front door and was completely smitten. What a regal, vibrant color! I fear I don’t have enough rooms in my home to devote to an entirely new color, but here are a few of my favorite accessories and home decor items for adding a powerful punch of cobalt blue:



1 | Classic Kettle — Chantal $100
2 | Blue Star Lantern — Save On Crafts $13
3 | Handpainted Bath Accessories — West Elm $4-12 (on sale!)
4 | Stockholm Triangel Rug — Ikea $499
5 |Pillow (for a more muted tone) — Crate & Barrel $32
6 | Staub Coquette — Williams-Sonoma $250
7 | Oval Breadbasket — Williams-Sonoma $49
8 | Bryce Blue Bicycle — Found Rentals
9 | KitchenAid Mixer — Target $299.99
10 | My Bkr in True — Bkr $28
11 | Le Pen (my favorite writing utensil!) — Design Darling $22

Stay tuned for more of my cobalt crush featuring clothes and accessories.

DIY or Buy: Ifs Painting

Falling Ifs Print by Matthew Heller, CB2

Falling Ifs Print by Matthew Heller, CB2

What do you do if you love art but live on a starving artist’s budget when it comes to decorating your home?  Make it yourself!  I am very inspired by this “Falling Ifs Print” at CB2 but at $199, I think I could probably make something similar myself using a blank canvas (usually on sale at Michael’s), paint or marker, and stencils (or even freehand if I was feeling adventurous).  The word “if” is a powerful one, full of possibilities.  When I see this, I like to think of encouragement to live in the “What If” of the future rather than the “What If” of the past.  Wouldn’t this be fantastic hanging in your office?

There are certainly other words out there that are full of possibilities and hope — maybe LOVE for a bridal shower, or random letters or numbers to decorate a kid’s room.  Endless options!

If you’re not a DIYer, here’s the skinny from the CB2 website on this special, limited-edition print:

“LA-based artist Matthew Heller asks infinite questions with two simple letters falling in a graphic cluster of repetition. Originally stenciled in black acrylic on canvas, ‘ifs’ gather in a spontaneous heap of contemplation; an unpunctuated world of possibilities; open-ended hopes and fears. ‘I often stumble through my work searching, exploring the human condition in order to discover the piece,’ Heller says. ‘While working on this series of poem paintings, I had been thinking a lot about the power of individual words and I was inspired to make a painting of a bunch of ‘ifs,’ using them as the figures or characters of a story.'”