DIY or Buy: Ifs Painting

Falling Ifs Print by Matthew Heller, CB2

Falling Ifs Print by Matthew Heller, CB2

What do you do if you love art but live on a starving artist’s budget when it comes to decorating your home?  Make it yourself!  I am very inspired by this “Falling Ifs Print” at CB2 but at $199, I think I could probably make something similar myself using a blank canvas (usually on sale at Michael’s), paint or marker, and stencils (or even freehand if I was feeling adventurous).  The word “if” is a powerful one, full of possibilities.  When I see this, I like to think of encouragement to live in the “What If” of the future rather than the “What If” of the past.  Wouldn’t this be fantastic hanging in your office?

There are certainly other words out there that are full of possibilities and hope — maybe LOVE for a bridal shower, or random letters or numbers to decorate a kid’s room.  Endless options!

If you’re not a DIYer, here’s the skinny from the CB2 website on this special, limited-edition print:

“LA-based artist Matthew Heller asks infinite questions with two simple letters falling in a graphic cluster of repetition. Originally stenciled in black acrylic on canvas, ‘ifs’ gather in a spontaneous heap of contemplation; an unpunctuated world of possibilities; open-ended hopes and fears. ‘I often stumble through my work searching, exploring the human condition in order to discover the piece,’ Heller says. ‘While working on this series of poem paintings, I had been thinking a lot about the power of individual words and I was inspired to make a painting of a bunch of ‘ifs,’ using them as the figures or characters of a story.'”


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