The Best Gift for New Parents

I realized this morning on my way to work that the one thing new parents need more than anything else is…coffee.  A lot of it. Instead of sending sweets or flowers after a sweet babe is born, be the hero (slash jerky know-it-all) that provides new parent friends with the gift of the gloriousness that is caffeine. This trio of Stumptown Coffee blends or this duo of coffee + chocolate (yum) are both packaged beautifully. For Orange County locals, a quick trip to Kéan Coffee is worth a visit to grab some for you and some for them.  If you’ve got the dough (or just empathy for lack of sleep), you can really take it up a notch by throwing together a nice little gift basket with a pair of travel mugs or go all out with a Keurig system to make life even easier for them.

I miss the process of brewing a pot of coffee in the morning, but my mom bought us a mini Keurig (retails for around $99 – be savvy and use those Bed, Bath & Beyond or Macy’s coupons!) for Christmas and it’s been so convenient and easy to just add a cup of water, pop in a k-cup and be on my way to work. By the way, wouldn’t it be such a thoughtful gift to send to a mama as she begins back at work?  I think so too.

stumptown coffee photo by james ransom


How many cups of coffee do you drink a day?


[image via James Ransom for Provisions by Food 52]


3 thoughts on “The Best Gift for New Parents

  1. We got a Keurig for Christmas, perfect timing before WInnie’s arrival. I was skeptical at first, but love having a cup of coffee ready in 30 seconds without wasting so many extra cups and waiting for it to brew. I drink at most 2 servings a day. We’re fans of Original Donut Shop and Green Mountain Coffee Caramel Vanilla Cream w/ a splash of vanilla creamer.

    • Yum! There’s a Donut Shop flavor called Coconut Mocha that I’m dying to try. P.S. Sorry I didn’t figure out the whole coffee-makes-a-great-gift thing sooner…you definitely would have been on the receiving end of that! 🙂

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