Edible Art

While I fancy myself a creative, crafty person, I was just thinking to myself the other day that I’ve hardly had much time to tackle any personal projects lately. I’m doing the best I can to go to work, eat, go to bed early, and get myself out of bed every morning (after getting up at least twice with Declan at night) with at least enough energy to throw on a coat of mascara. Meanwhile this lady’s over here julienning her carrots and making hot air balloons out of pears.


Seriously, can you imagine opening your lunch box to find a Batman-shaped sandwich?  You’d be the envy of the playground. What anticipation and excitement you’d feel every day (no pressure, mom)!

Check out How About Cookie’s full food art gallery and follow her on Instagram for photos so cute you just wanna eat ’em up!

[images via How About Cookie]


P.S. You saw these photos of the mom who stages adorable scenes around her baby during naptime, right? Too much.


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