Do You Have a Collection?

As a kid, I had a rock collection. Whenever our family would go on vacations, I’d always check out the gift shop, picking out a piece of quartz or soapstone or obsidian, or maybe an arrowhead. I kept them in a wooden box with my name on it (hand painted with wooden letters) and I’d proudly pull it out of my desk drawer, open it up and marvel at my precious picks when friends came over. They probably couldn’t care less.

curio collector's box anthropologie

So, what is it with collecting stuff? I found this interesting article about why creatives tend to collect stuff and it turns out there’s actually some psychology behind it. Did you know that Tom Hanks collects vintage typewriters? How cool!

Mumbles and I buy Christmas ornaments whenever we go on trips, but I am usually less than enthused with my options and oftentimes must resort to a key chain that I later disassemble to turn into a suitable ornament. So now I’m thinking I definitely need to start a new rock collection…

What about you? Do you collect anything?
P.S. Isn’t it fascinating that the article also points out how some people use Pinterest to “digitally collect” things? Oh, and speaking of geology, here’s how Mumbles and I met.


[image via Anthropologie — isn’t it gorgeous?!!]


3 thoughts on “Do You Have a Collection?

  1. I used to collect miniature toothpaste tubes, mouthwashes, etc. They used to deliver those things to everyone in the U.S. Mail for free back when I was a kid in the 60’s. Now I think I collect Xmas ornaments. I hadn’t really thought about it but every year I buy a few sentimental ornaments and not one of my ornaments are the same. Fun to remember and think about!

    • I love that Christmas ornaments can provide a fun way to reminisce about fun adventures, milestones and places. What did you do with the mini toiletries collection? Did you use them or donate them?

      • I probably used them or maybe my mom took them. I was only probably 8 or 10 when I did this. But I used to have a drawer full of them. I just thought they were cute because they were so small. Now you can get these things at the drugstore but back then, drugstores didn’t carry miniatures of anything.

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