The (Not a) Bachelor Recap episode 1 – Juan Pablo

Hi there, friends. Even though I didn’t give you a head’s up about not doing a recap for episode 1 of The Bachelor, I appreciate you standing by.  I gotta say, I’m still on the fence about whether I can actually commit to watching and recapping every week.  After all, it’s pretty much airing past my bed time now. Buuuut, in just one week, I missed it a bit. So, I’m going to do my best this season.  That’s all I can say so please forgive me in advance.  I was able to watch it (on Friday, finally!) so I’m all caught up and now over the awkwardness that always is the first episode.  I had help in the form of wine, which since not indulging in about a year, is helping out a lot more than I remember! The occupations of the ladies alone sounded like the beginning of a good punchline: a baby nurse, an assistant district attorney, a mineral coordinator, free spirit and dog lover all walk into a bar mansion… See what I mean? I’m most interested to see how things unfold with the lucky lady who nabbed the First Impression Rose and wasn’t quite sure if she even wanted it. What?! Someone is not certain Juan Pablo is her husband on night one? Gasp!

If you still need help getting caught up, or are missing a cheeky recap of the night’s shenanigans, here are some fun ones to peruse:

LA Times Show Tracker

I Hate Green Beans 

US Weekly

Up for possible spoilers? Reality Steve says he’s got the inside scoop on the whole season (note: he’s not always correct) or watch Jimmy Kimmel guess Juan Pablo’s final picks:

And, last but certainly not least, if you, like me, suffer a bit through the so-awkward-they-make-you-want-to-change-the-channel moments, here are the guidelines for the Juan Pablo drinking game to help you get through.


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