DIY Holiday Clay Gift Tags

DIY Holiday Clay Gift Tags.jpgI found this big tub of air-dry clay at Office Depot (you can also get it at Oriental Trading, in bulk from Walmart, at Kohl’s…just keep an eye out) a while back for about $10 (kind of random but I was really into using clay at the time…still am, actually…I tend to get obsessed with materials and never really quit them) so I thought I’d give this clay a try. Obviously meant for children but still fun for adult crafting, the clay is super easy to use but being an air-dry clay, you have to move quicker than you would with an oven bake clay. With the desire to get my hands into something, I started rolling out little balls like cookie dough and decided to make some stamped gift tags to stock up for the holidays just around the bend. Rubber stamps — another on a long list of items I’m slowly collecting — along with a toothpick and a straw were used to create these little guys.

These gift tags are a super simple little craft to make while you’re on the couch or in the kitchen. All you’ll need is some clay, a cookie cutter if you want perfect shapes, a straw, a hard surface and wax paper to work on.

Here are step-by-step photo instructions:

Step 1 DIY Holiday Clay Tags.jpg

step 1: roll out little balls of clay

Step 2 DIY Holiday Clay Tags.jpg

step 2: use a rolling pin (or your hands if you’re going for a more organic look) to flatten out your little ball into a circle or oval shape.

Step 3 DIY Holiday Clay Tags.jpg

step 3: insert a plastic straw into the clay and twist to create a small hole which will allow for ribbon or string later on.

DIY Clay Gift Tags.jpg

step 3.5: experiment with different hole placement for alternate ways to hang your tag — one hole at the top to hang, one in the center, one hold at each end, three holes in the center like a button…

DIY Clay Gift Tags.jpg

step 4: use rubber stamps to stamp your designs or phrases into the clay

Step 5 DIY Holiday Clay Tags.jpg

step 5: lay out your finished clay tags to dry (I let mine dry for 48 hours).

DIY Clay Gift Tags.jpg

Finished tags ready for presents!

Just as I was about to post this, I stumbled upon this post from one of my favorite blogs, Creature Comforts. How funny! These tags look more refined and if that’s the look you want, I’d definitely try the oven bake clay instead of air dry. Plus, there are a lot of color options!I’ll soon start gathering little pinecones and twigs from the neighborhood to keep in a little pile for pretty packages tied up with strings! I may hate Halloween but I’m excited for Thanksgiving and Christmas!

Kraft Paper Christmas Packages.jpg

my christmas presents last year — can’t you just picture a little clay tag on there, too?


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