In My Toolbox

Soon I’ll be blogging about the new nest Mumbles and I have been working on. It’s been really fun and also a long process and there’s still a lot to do but I have loved very second of creating our own comfortable space to relax, work, welcome friends, entertain, lounge, cook, bake, park, shower, and sleep. But before we even get into all that goodness, I wanted to share a cute little lovely my Mamacita got me as a gift for Christmas which has really come in handy during this whole process and for my own crafting and diy projects. Here it is, my own pretty toolkit from Two’s Company!

Seriously, is this not the most darling and thoughtful gift for a new lady homeowner/crafter/person who thinks it’s important that tools do the job and look good doing it? It puts the fun in functional.



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